An Ikea Monopoly

Ikea Museum actually exists.

So everyone knows what Ikea is. It’s that famous furniture store worldwide. But if you want a bit more information on them, or some products with colours that are not typically blue or yellow, then Ikea Museum is the place to go.

Not only did Ikea Museum have products with colours such as green, black, orange, and more, they also had special food items on the menu, such as salmon meatballs. Yes, salmon meatballs. I loved them so much I regret not buying the frozen packet at the Ikea there. There’s none in my town or anywhere else.

Ikea Museum is situated in a tiny town called Älmhult in south Sweden. The town has about 8000 inhabitants and it’s characterized by Ikea. ALL the Ikea factories, offices, warehouses, museums, stores, hotels and bargain stores are there. At least one-third of the people in the town work for Ikea. It’s an Ikea monopoly, to put it simply.

So yes, Ikea has an Ikea Hotell and a bargain store, at which I found really cheap items. Really cheap in Sweden, that is. And cheaper than all the products they usually sell.

It was like Ikea was the government of the town. Pretty unbelievable, I must say. I expect Billund in Denmark to be monopolized by Lego as well. After all, these are the places where these world-famous companies were born.  I even read somewhere that Swedish people trust Ikea more than they trust a religion.

It was really desolate for a Saturday when my friend and I went. We took a train there and it felt like I was walking in a chilly ghost town. Not a soul was in sight in the half an hour walk through town. It was just my friend and I battling the snow and the wind.

No one was at the Ikea Hotel either. The counter was empty and the whole Ikea place was quiet. Of course, no one was working on a Saturday, but I imagined that there would at least be people in a hotel. I’ve never seen such an empty hotel and town before.

At the Ikea Museum, I saw the set where they shot 2017’s magazine cover. There’s absolutely no window or daylight as you would have seen in their cover photo.

Image from the Internet

They allow tourists to take their own photos at the set. You’re able to produce your own personalized catalogue cover with you inside. There’s already a camera and a printer set up on the set so you can get your photos right away. Of course I took mine as well.

It was a quirky trip – from interesting designs and ideas from Ikea, to having cheap thrills of finding special products, food and cheap bargains. Also, the town bus was free. Can you imagine? Free of charge to take whenever. We were really amazed.

And to end off, here’s a short vlog I put together showcasing some of the things I saw at the museum. Enjoy!


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