Would I live in Sweden permanently?

Life in Sweden has been extremely fun.

Making new friends, getting out of my comfort zone, experiencing tons of new things – it has spiced up my exchange life here, and coupled with the beautiful nature and winter that Sweden has to offer, I’m feeling really blessed here. I’ve found nice communities and I’m enjoying it while I can because I know that it won’t last and, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.

I’ve thought about moving to Sweden. It’s a question that floats around during gatherings – people can randomly ask you that question. And giving it some thought, some people said no.

For me, it’s not about parental restrictions or anything like that. I’d love to move to Sweden if I could. I love the slow-paced environment, the vast nature I’ll never ever get back home, and a lot of freedom and space. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s beautiful.

But thinking hard about it, life now is fun because I’m on exchange. I’m surrounded by students and international students. They, or we, are the life of the party. All the fun parties I’ve attended and every fun event that’s been organised is all run by the students.

But if I were to live in Sweden just to work, I think that life wouldn’t be as fun. You wouldn’t have such frequent happening parties. No language cafe, food safaris, frequent overseas trips, and many of the fun events organised by the student union. No frequent gathering at random times because work is everyday. No jetting off to cities because it’s not like I could skip work like I skip school. No such fun.

In fact, life in Sweden as a worker makes life just as normal as everyone else everywhere. Going to work every day, coming home tired, and then maybe doing your own things, resting or hanging out with friends. Definitely not as wild or adventurous as it is now. Definitely not the exchange life I’m living – it’s going to be a lot calmer, a lot quieter, a lot like back home.

Exchange life is really different for me. It’s different from Singapore. It’s way more happening than Singapore and I like not having to care about my grades and how well I do. I like being free of that pressure and that competition that’s worrying me all the time back home. I like experiencing life, experiencing Western culture, and doing all the different things I’d never have the chance to back home. It’s refreshing.

But working here would not be like that and while I don’t mind that kind of life, not everyone likes it. Some people need fun in their life and this city can be boring with nothing to do. Some people wouldn’t ever live here for a long time. Exchange? Fine, because there are always activities to do. But work for years? Maybe not.

For me, it’s fine. I like serenity and I like having big spaces and having time to myself. I like tranquil moments where I can spend time with myself and with God. I like having quality time to do things properly and not just rush through life like back home.

So do I love Jönköping? Yes. Would I love to come back? Absolutely.

Life, in general, is simply a road of opportunities. Take up the different ones that come your way, and you experience many different things. It’s really up to the individual to decide what kind of life he or she wants to lead. This is something for you to consider if you really want to move overseas to work and live – what kind of ‘fun’ life are you looking for, what kind of environment, and what kind of people would you want to be surrounded with? Know what you want, and then go for it. Many people think that living overseas is thrilling. It may not be. Exchange is exciting, yes, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. But working overseas in certain areas may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

To me, this is everything I’ve dreamed of. And I’m living it fully while it lasts, because I don’t really see myself coming back to live here. I will come back for holidays again, but I’m unlikely to come back here to work.

We’ll see, ay?


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