Moments Before Exchange Part 3

Attachment. The clasp closes around my wrist, locks itself around my hands, and clings on to me, never letting go.

This is its symbol. Fastened securely, it accompanies me through snow, sweat and tears. It stays while I study, it sparkles as I laugh, it comforts when my tears flow. It is the embodiment of dad, of home, of family, of everything I ever knew.

It may be overly attached to me even as dad handed over money bills across the counter. It is an expression of love, of worry, of faith, of hope, of embrace. It tells me to be safe, to be healthy, and to study hard but enjoy myself. It tells me that even though my ears may have been aching from dad’s nagging, he still loves me.

Dad might not be with me overseas, but the Father will be with me always and forever. Just like how it envelops me and rests peacefully on my skin; how it is a form of solace, of joy, of peace, and of memories.


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