When someone is going through a rough patch in life, the best thing you can do for that person is to physically and emotionally support them and stay by their side.

Not the bullshit of sacrificing yourself for that someone. For example, in the show I was watching, the father had two sons who were both sick and needed medical attention. He was financially unable to support them no matter how he tried and how dedicated he stayed to his two young boys because he loved them. This father found out about a medical support program that could pay off all the boys’ medical bills in full if they were orphans. So because he loved them and he was in such a difficult situation, he decided to commit suicide so that they could receive medical care without worry.

That is what you should not do. I’m personally very aware of how much kids need their parents when growing up. How would they feel if their parents died because they wanted to save them? They would be guilt-ridden all their lives. They would feel abandoned and lost. Kids need their parents to be there for them when growing up, which is why ending your life for them should never be an option.

The children will miss their parents. They will cry for them. I believe God made the human race this way because parents were supposed to be there to guide their children, teach them and protect them. Parents are supposed to raise their children. It’s their responsibility and sacrificing your life for them on purpose isn’t taking responsibility for their well-being and growth. If anything, it leaves an emotional scar on them and leaves them feeling empty instead.

This is how children are growing up nowadays. Divorces are the same – it leaves them empty because one parent is gone from their lives. Even if they tend to meet their other parent once a week, it isn’t the same as seeing your mother every day and hearing her voice, or watching your father roam around the house in his relaxed state. There is always something missing. Kids are all too aware of that void even if they don’t comprehend what is going on. Kids have full senses.

Being physically and/or emotionally there for a person in need is one of the best forms of support you can ever give. It is probably because the person will feel companionship and love – fundamental human needs. It is more than enough to give a person a boost of encouragement and the reassurance that they are not alone, no matter what they’re facing. It is the extra strength they need to overcome their struggles, and the lifebuoy to a drowning body.

True love doesn’t have to be sacrificial. Let’s face it, most of us human beings aren’t ready and willing to sacrifice our own lives for others. We’re not God. We have selfish tendencies and we’re not perfect in any way. I’m not only referring to your one true love, but also to the friends and family you have around you. To the people you are grateful for in your life. To the strangers whom you happen to cross paths with. Unknowingly, you may have said or done something that changed their life. But we’re not great people who would willingly die for others just like that.

This kind of love is more of empathy and compassion. It is being understanding and being nice. It is a form of courtesy to someone who needs you. It shows that you respect and love that person for who he or she is, and it’s a feeling that everyone wants to have.

Stay by their side, and never give them up.


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