Out In Singapore

Finally some updates! This post will be about enjoying the simple things in Singapore – food and nature. Singapore’s a food haven but we’re an urban jungle – you see trees everywhere, but you won’t find miles and miles of fields and green rolling mountains. Nope, we’re too small for that.

1) Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters


Complete natural lighting because it was early afternoon and the sunlight was so strong. My friend and I tried the duck confit with poached eggs and the caramel banana pancake. The duck confit was good, a little salty but that was what made the dish so delicious. Eating it with eggs was pure bliss and I would recommend this.

However, although the saltiness of the duck confit matched well with the sweetness of the caramel pancake, the latter was too sweet and thick. It became gelat after a while and we couldn’t finish the dish. I didn’t really like the thick hot caramel even though the cool ice cream on top helped to neutralize it a little.

The iced chocolate was a little thick. It wasn’t my favourite but it was acceptable.

2) D’Good Cafe

The interior was extremely pretty and totally my style, but the food was rather limited and this Portobello Mushroom Poached Egg dish was too… mushroomy for me. No such word but it’s the only way I can describe this – the taste of mushroom became a tad too overwhelming after a while. I would go for the normal one next time. This dish is good for mushroom lovers!

3) Pompompurin Cafe


Okay this – this is beyond cute. The interior is warm and lively and definitely matches a child’s cheery mood. It was very bright and well-lit when I went, so photos turned out nice too. I adored the few random pompompurin cushions that were scattered around the place for customers to hug while eating. 

We also got to bring home the small mug you see on our dishes. They gave us a new one when we were paying. This cafe is by no means cheap and isn’t the everyday-to-go kind of cafe. It’s more like an experience you should try at least once.

The pudding drink I got, however, was way too diluted and it tasted like whipped cream and water. I’m serious. The food is decent and tasty, so I recommend trying the food when you go. It’s more worth it than whipped cream with water. 

Now that I’ve introduced three cafes I tried during this holidays, it’s time for me to let you feast on some visuals of the Singapore Botanic Gardens – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I went there to film for my D&D and while it was scorching hot (no kidding, be equipped with sunblock), it was insanely pretty. I had forgotten that Singapore also has pretty places for us to enjoy. 

My favourite was the blue skies – it wasn’t very cloudy and the sun shone through in all of its glory.



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