It’s a small (new) world

Happy new year! I can’t believe that it’s already 2016. This is the year when I will hit the big 2 so it definitely feels like the beginning of a new chapter for me.

Last December, I went to Hong Kong for a short trip with my family. It was a trip full of food. I ate so much; there were so many delicious dishes ranging from dimsum to grade A wagyu beef that I tried. We went to Disneyland and Ocean Park because my family has a small kid that is growing up fast. She wanted to play so off we went to enjoy and relax after a long and stressful 2015.

The photos here will mainly be from Disneyland. My camera died during a shot in Disneyland and it left me feeling empty and heartbroken. It’s that feeling when your baby, that you’ve been using for years, gives up on you. I got a new DSLR after the trip but these are from the old camera so it’s very precious. The following will be from the ‘It’s A Small World’ in Fantasy Land.



Even as I pass my teenage years, Disneyland still makes me feel like a kid. I think that’s the charm of Disneyland – making people feel happy and carefree. Seeing everything smiling and bright, topping it off with a wonderful spectacle of fireworks at 8.30pm that night ended the year quite well for me. At least, it brought me comfort that despite the hard year I went through, I could end it off with my family and with the warmth of some relief and happiness. I was truly quite grateful that day.

Now that it’s a new year, I hope to be a better person. I think that’s one of my resolutions of this year. There are so many areas of myself that I would like to change. I know that people always say to embrace yourself and be who you are, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yourself or change the aspects you aren’t satisfied with. I don’t mean my looks or my character as a whole, but areas that could help me interact with people. For example, as an introvert, I hope to work on my confidence and on speaking up more so that I could become a more sociable person.

Start today. It’s the beginning and this is where you start taking small steps towards your goal. This is where the journey begins, and this is where you spread your wings and fly.


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