Do you feel me?



It’s been raining all day, every day these few days, which marks the coming of ‘winter’, or shall I say, wet season? It makes me feel cold and comfortable in my room and that makes me really happy, if only I could actually relax with a book or watch my favourite shows. These days, it’s been all about studying for finals next week and hence I’ve been burying my nose in notes and books that have decided to bore me to tears of frustration and weariness.

You know it’s been a burn-out semester when you’re just so tired that you don’t want to do anything at all, but you still have to keep on going. There’s no way out of this except through it so I pray that I will make it through and see the rainbows and sunshine on the other side of the tunnel. I’m really looking forward to the holidays just so that I can escape the reality of school. I want to be able to spend time with my friends and doing the things I like to do.

So yes, it’s back to the books now. Perhaps this wet weather mirrors my life and mood right now, but I hope for clearer skies when I want to do my photoshoot or when I want to go out and play. For now, cry away – my heart goes out to the grey skies that feel me.


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