Fear grips you with silence. It cripples you before you can even run away from the stinging noise haunting your ears and living in your wildest dreams.

I developed an interest in taking portraits. I’d always wanted models in my photos – not just landscape photography and still life, but also models, people, and daily life. It’s quite ironic since sometimes I really don’t like people. People make things difficult and they just drain every emotion and energy out of me. Sometimes it’s better to be alone.

But recently, I found ‘models’ for some experimenting. They’re my friends who finally agreed to let me take some photos of them so that I can improve my photography. The above photo is my friend who is incredibly shy about being a model and since I wanted a photo which portrayed fear, I allowed her to hide her face. The style is minimal and white, which is exactly the kind of style I like. I found it really gratifying trying to take photos of people and it’s something I know I definitely want to expand and improve on. My photography is entirely self-taught, so I’ll make mistakes here and there, but that’s what I learn from. Dare to try.

I’m glad my best friend has taken an interest in photography as well. Being an art, design and media major, she was literally forced into photography for her assignment, which she found that she thoroughly enjoyed. It’s why I had the opportunity to spend some time with her last Sunday and take photos of each other for fun. It was a completely relaxed activity. Being a model is not my cup of tea and I feel more comfortable being behind the camera, but I love my life documented as well, which was why I attempted to pose. I’m quite satisfied with the first batch of photos and I think I’m going to try modeling for people if I can.

We did the most ridiculous things from lying down across a pedestrian crossing to doing weird (fun!) poses in the middle of the road and having to run to the side every time a car passed by. It was simply enjoyable spending time with my bestie and it made me realise how much I had missed our carefree times together. I hope we have more opportunities to hang out together and do the things we love.

The essence of life should not be bought for satisfaction; it should be found in the pursuit of God, passion and happiness.



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