Adding a little twist here: twisting reality into my dreams just because I like to think about them.

Sometimes, things that happen in reality can be brought to the next level, and I found myself fantasizing about what could have happened. Last night, I was at the club with a whole bunch of people that I was eager to hang out with and observe because, well, you get to see someone’s true colours when you’re at the club and people are drunk and high. There was someone in particular that I was interested in observing but it was a pity that I left earlier. Which was why I didn’t get to see him come over to where my group was and look for me.

You come over to me, weaving your way through the wild heated crowd that leaves you with barely any space to breathe, but you still come over anyway. You notice my group and look for me. Amidst the bright flashing lights and deafening music, you spot my small figure dancing around and cheering others on. I may be excited, but it only shines a different light into your eyes.
You come over and make your presence known. I am surprised but I follow you, striking up a conversation with you almost immediately. The intensity of the surroundings drown out everything else that would have noticed us. It seems to me that it was just me and you at that moment, smiles lighting up and bodies moving to the beat. I don’t notice how much closer you’ve come to me because there are too many people around me that makes me presume that you are close only because you have no space. I don’t sense that you are protecting me at first. We just dance to the music and enjoy ourselves for a while.
I wonder why you haven’t gone back to your group. At that same time, I notice drunk men stumbling around and dancing way too wildly. They are close, so I shift a little further away from them, closer to you. It is then I feel your hand on my shoulder pulling me to the other side of you.
No spoken words are passed, but through your shining eyes I see that it means so much more.


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