It started off with a secret longing, and now it’s just a secret dream living in me.

I’d always wanted something. When I came across one that I liked, there would be wild imaginations, exciting dreams, lost fantasies, hopeful wishes and nothing less than wandering thoughts that fill up my oneiric mind and kick me in the ass. Personally, I don’t like how the surface is always calm and no action is taken. But yet, there’s nothing that can be done. The belief isn’t fully real and the hope is always crushed before it develops. It also makes me realize how unsuitable one thing is before I’d even started on it. Encircling the centre, just knowing how we’re running along uniqueness and that perhaps I cannot sing as well as he can, is painful. This time, once again, it has begun; but again it isn’t possible. I am reminded of what I have set for myself. It is what life is – an endless choice of possibilities that one has to choose.

But yet, it still lives as a fiery hope in my mind. I wish I could have you.


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