You can only see as much as the light allows you to.

When I was reading about Pluto, scientists brought up the issue of light – how photos were taken along the border of day and night and how the shadows reflected some interesting landforms more clearly. I recalled what someone had said to me before. We aren’t able to see the magnificence of all the stars in the universe as much as we want to because our surroundings are illuminated with light that brightens up our environment and doesn’t allow the darkness to give way to the faint light that countless stars in the sky give off. Our naked eye can’t see the faint lights in the sky because earth is already shrouded by light. It’s the same conversely – during the day, we can’t really make out the moon even though it’s there all the time because it isn’t dark enough for the light reflected off the moon to be detected by our eyes. It’s too bright for us to see it.

Our eyes can only see what light reflects into our eyes. Thus we can only see as much as the light allows us to. In the night, it’s much harder to make out things. We can’t read without light and we can’t see anything in absolute darkness. We become blind without the help of light. It’s no use even if we have perfect eyesight because we’ll be as blind as the blind men.

It’s an interesting phenomena. Humans are all made the same. It doesn’t matter if we’re blind, we have perfect eyesight or we have cataracts in our eyes. The eyes function the same way – with light, we can see; but if something blocks the light or our bodies cannot receive and process the light, we cannot see. It’s that simple. And life is that simple as well – the truth is always there. It’s a matter of whether the whole truth is revealed to us or not. Without the truth, we are blinded by falseness that hinders our perception of things. If someone lies to us, we completely cannot see the truth.

Hence, light can be blocked. We can only see as much as the light allows us to. You will only know as much as one allows you to. That is the nature of communication.

I’m reminded of what my superior once told me at work. She said that as the staff, we know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but we’re not allowed to divulge everything to the public. Even though we can provide information, there are certain things that must not be revealed. Censorship is everywhere. We, as humans, only know and understand as much as we’re informed. More often than not, it is not all.

I find this concept of life exactly why I like to find out things myself. As a soon-to-be communications major, I’m going to be in the field where information is communicated and the world becomes connected. There will always be the filtering of information and censorship based on government laws. It’s not something new. Even on Instagram, photos are edited and what is presented is only a picture of a moment of desired experience. It’s not the actual thing. In the future, we’ll always be continually trapped in this cycle of acquiring knowledge and passing it on, but it’s not the full thing. It’ll never be.

This is why I strive to tell the truth. I don’t like to lie. There’s only so much you can lie about to mislead others, but the truth will always be there. The light is there for others to see. And since light is made up of wavelengths and is not concrete matter that takes up space, it’ll always find a way to be revealed. To seep through little cracks and crevices to shine.

You cannot light a lamp and put it under a bowl.

There is nothing more terrifying than groping around in total darkness, the silence screaming at you persistently until you have a petrifying urge to stuff your ears with more of the very muteness that you are trying to escape from. Your senses seem to be laden with numbness and severely impaired from shock and insensitivity. You see nothing, you hear nothing, you taste nothing, and you smell nothing.

You can only feel. There is no option.

Fingers running delicately across rough cemented wall, feet bumping ever so often into the uneven surface of the ground that you cannot see. You know that you’re alive because you’re actually walking forward, but you cannot see what you are walking on. It is as though earth never existed and you are all alone.

The only source of life within you are the memories that you have brought with your spirit. Your spirit and your soul are one. Tracing walls and moving forward, a hesitant step after another doubtful crunch of the sole of your shoes on the pebbled surface. You move only because you possess the energy of the life you once had. Forget what you look like and what people think, because there is nothing around to force judgment on you. 

Then you spot a faint light ahead. It has to be a distant light because it’s the only thing you can see. There is nothing left to doubt if you are trapped in darkness and danger.

Your feet shuffle again, but quicker and with hope.

Towards the light that seems to exist.


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