Best friends are the ones you talk to most often about anything and everything under the sun. They are the ones you laugh at but cry to, the ones you freely hug and tease, the ones you can’t bear to scold but will love them for everything they are, and the ones who will support and criticize you in the name of love. I like that feeling of embracing and appreciating a best friend because that person is someone I cannot express enough thanks to.

My best friend is definitely not the perfect kind whom I find flawless. She has her own insecurities and her own flaws which she hates with a passion. She might not score well for every exam or be there all the time because I have a unique friend who disappears from media a few days and yet supports in the best way I could find. But yet I love this best friend because she’s wonderful to me. She listens to my rants no matter how many days I accumulate my words in our conversation and comforts me when I need it. She gives me advice and understands me. My best friend takes the time to patiently connect with me and I am grateful for that because she’s not a patient person but she does that because she cares. My best friend will ignore her own problems for a while to listen to me and I love how it goes both ways and she appreciates me for listening to her and embracing her for who she is. Nobody’s perfect and my best friend might not be the one who’s always present on our chats, but she’s the first one I call with any important information and she’s the one who is genuinely happy for me. It makes me honoured to be her best friend because she calls me first with information on anything and she also accepts my flawed nature and loves me for who I am. My friend is the one who called me the moment she got accepted into ADM and the one who informed me first that she received a scholarship. At that moment, I saw a girl with a heart etched in her that trusted me and confided in me in her happiest moments. She was also the one who sat down on the steps outside a MRT station and ranted to me her troubles and disappointment after losing a competition. It was those times that I saw a heart she had buried in her but opened to me. It makes me warm that we have established a trust between us that is so precious to me.

A lot of people see her as an eccentric person. I see that too, but there’s so much more than that. She has so much more substance and is constantly maturing and growing. I see the girl who acknowledged her past inadequacies and mistakes directly to me and mustered up the confidence to take photos of herself and send it to us to work on her self-esteem and confidence. She’s the most bubbly one with funny and corny jokes that never fails to bring a smile to our faces no matter the situation. She is the one who planned and sprang a surprise for me on my birthday and the one who writes heartfelt letters to me at random times of the year. My best friend is sensible and knows how to feel and understand emotions. Underneath her exterior which people stay away from, there is a warm-hearted girl who has a heart twice the size of her clothes. She has a heart of gold and a smile brighter than the sun.

Of course, that’s not all. She is wise. My best friend says some of the most sensible and practical things. She’s able to offer advice where we need it, mediate when there’s a misunderstanding, rejoice with me when I’m happy and comfort and encourage me when I’m sad. She might be unmotivated herself but she puts in effort for others and that makes me feel that she is compassionate and sensitive. It is a great privilege to have been able to know her for six years and counting. I especially remember the time I had the opportunity to go on a school trip to Finland with my her. She had a violin exam upcoming but yet was singing merrily every night in our hotel room. We even prank-called a fellow friend and if course my dearest friend smoothly wrapped it up. My best friend learnt her wisdom from experience. She wasn’t afraid to admit she liked someone and how she learnt to understand her own feelings. She wasn’t afraid to tell me what she was sorry for being immature. These are the little things I truly appreciate about her because she is the friend who will not leave me hanging and the friend who doesn’t want to disappoint. 

Plus, my best friend is talented and she isn’t afraid to use it. She plays the violin so well and she loves art. She is gifted in drawing and is eager to use her talents for commissions in pursuing her interest. She draws splendidly and works extremely hard to improve and to get to where she is today. More than that, she is creative and incredibly intelligent – she perseveres despite her troubles to do very well in school and she puts in the effort to realize her own dreams. My best friend is strong and determined to do what she desires and is a great persuader in explaining what she aspires to achieve. She displays a natural confident aura during presentations despite feeling terrified inside and is adept at talking and displaying a bright, quirky side of her that never fails to amuse me and motivate me. I love how she can present herself with a flawless bang despite everything else. I love how she can recklessly voice out her own opinions and present herself the way she wants even though she is constrained. She cares about societal perspectives but yet at the same time, she pursues the freedom she longs for and screws every single negativity that’s thrown in her way. She’s cool like that and that’s something I admire.

And her kindness? Sometimes that’s not the first impression one gets of another person because when you meet someone for the first time, the word kind and caring may not get to you first. But having known this dear girl for six years and counting, I’ve seen many sides of her and she’s kind-hearted. She cares for her friends and I definitely remember the time I was tearing in class after school because of my issues. She noticed it and came over to comfort me even though it wasn’t something most people would do especially since I was trying to hide it. It made me feel warm and fuzzy. I never mentioned it to her in her face but I was really touched by that gesture because it showed then how much she was concerned about me even though we had a close relationship back then. She developed it together with me and I cannot be more thankful for having such a wonderful girl in my life. I’d never grasped the concept of best friends until I found my own in her. If you’re reading this, please do let me know because yes, I love you!

But most of all, combining everything I’ve said, I guess I’m most proud of her because she is comfortable in her own skin. She isn’t afraid to pursue her dreams and be who she wants to be. Heck it if everyone else tries to control her and restrain her – she emerges as a free butterfly with colourful wings that bring her to the skies and the flowers. She’s not ashamed to be who she is and she constantly looks to improve herself because she wants it and not because someone was displeased with her and wanted her to change. She has her own visions and stands by it. My friend is yet quirky and fun at the same time. I love how she can combine seriousness and her humour all together and make me laugh because I’m not a naturally humorous person and I can’t joke and make people laugh for nuts. But she can and she pulls it off well even if some people think she is weird and lame. But I embrace her for all her character because she is my best friend and she has struck my heart. Her being has resonated with my heart and drawn us together. Being comfortable with me has allowed me to see her different sides and I enjoy watching her mature on all sides. I love seeing her happy and that is something I want to do all my life – to make her happy, to keep her as my best friend, and to stay with her through thick and thin. You’d say that’s what true friends would do, and true enough, she is my true friend and above all that, she is my best friend.


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