Pique Nique

Does this pique your interest?

This isn’t a unique post. I’ll cover the cafe Pique Nique that I tried and I’ll share about the surprise my friends planned for me on my birthday, which was five days ago.

I tried Pique Nique at Takashimaya today. It was fairly empty, so I was at ease sitting at a corner of the spacious cafe with decent colour combinations. The price was slightly cheaper than some cafes I’ve been to, but having been there once, I did not have a high expectation of it. The mac and cheese I tried last time wasn’t nice. It was dry and I had to dip the macaroni into mayonnaise (everything works with mayo for me!). This time, I went for the eggs benedict and a cup of ice chocolate for a hot summer night.

The eggs benny (S$12) wasn’t nice in my opinion because the toast was too hard. Although the centre of the toast was soft, the sides or the skin was hard and difficult to cut. This is the bane of my life because as much as I love bread, I’ve never liked the ‘skin’ of the breads before. Hence this did not sit well with me. Furthermore, there was too little hollandaise sauce and one of the poached eggs was semi-cooked. As a big fan of runny yolks, this was not a good dish to me. But since it was relatively cheaper than other cafes, I let it go.

The iced chocolate was a waste of money because it didn’t taste nice. It was quite tasteless since the little chocolate was concentrated at the bottom. It wasn’t sweet so for someone with a sweet tooth like me, I didn’t like it. There was nothing special about it. It wasn’t smooth and it was a little thick.

While the interior of the cafe was pretty and cosy, I didn’t really enjoy my meal because for one, I was alone; and secondly, the food wasn’t savoury. Although service was great, I definitely do not recommend going to visit this cafe.

Anyhow, tonight was my self-celebration for my birthday since tomorrow is a public holiday and I’m attending a concert! I’m so psyched for it and I can’t wait to see them.

On my birthday, my friends planned a surprise for me completely without my knowledge. I only knew that I was going out with one of my friends to collect my concert ticket. What happened after that was my first pleasant surprise in my life. My besties made me extremely happy that day and I felt appreciated and loved. It was a new special feeling that I’m cherishing and that I hope to spread to others as well.

My friend drew my surprise in her perspective. Please credit Niccol for it and do not take out or repost. Here, I’ll share with you a day in the life of…



It’s been a long time since we got together. I still remember the times we used to meet so easily in school, talking about similar things that worried us and being free from society. Now, it takes a lot to gather everyone. Although we talk often, I miss them a lot.

My friends gifted Line stickers to me for my birthday as well as other things. It was something I had never thought of as a gift and am excited about it because I love using Line and their cute stickers! Perhaps I’m young in the aspect that I love small cute things, but I won’t hide that and I love that part about myself. Right now is the time I get to enjoy and learn what I always wanted to, so I’ll discover myself along the way. I’m happy to have good friends, to have a placing in university, to have an opportunity to get a scholarship, to have a family that’s close to my heart and to have what I have right now. It’s been a fulfilling and relaxing month. Just like a picnic, April has been a refreshing break for me after months of hard work from doing my portfolio and applying for university. This sums up a brief recount of the month of April for me and I hope you had a good time too. 🙂


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