Group Therapy

Decided to try the actual Group Therapy Cafe at Katong V near my home and headed there with my sisters! I’m often lazy to travel to far, remote areas to access different cafes so I was really elated to discover an easily accessible, good cafe near my place since my sister’s tuition is just right beside it. The cafe vibes were warm and relaxed since the place was quiet and fairly remote for my area.


I went for the Poached Eggs again while my sister tried the Linguine Bolognese with Matcha Latte and Hot Dark Chocolate. My other sister tried the Fish and Chips with the Banana Peanut Butter smoothie.



In my opinion, the Banana Peanut Butter smoothie cannot be drunk too often because there is a strong peanut taste which overpowers the banana. I would have preferred less peanut since the drink was tasty and smooth. It’s the type of drink one would get sick of easily, so try that sparingly.

I don’t like matcha so I didn’t try that, but my sister said it was okay. What I thought of the Hot Dark Chocolate was that it was only average and didn’t have an outstanding taste that I would remember. It was a little tasteless since the chocolate taste wasn’t strong. I do hope they improve on this because chocolate drinks are my absolute favourite and it was pretty as well. I wish the taste lived up to its looks. 

The eggs benny were satisfying and so was the fish and chips. In particular, the sauces they used were good – my sister absolutely loved it and dipped all the fries with it. I enjoyed watching my sisters savour their food. I had promised them a try at a cafe so I kept my promise yesterday. 

Looking forward, I want to try different things, such as their desserts (I always end up eating too full!). It’s these littl exciting adventures that perk up my mundane days of working and waiting for university to start. Although I really enjoy having nothing to do and nothing to worry about at times, life isn’t meant to be lived this way all the time, so I have to look for perks. I’m soaking up this free time to the maximum before all the stress and burdens start piling up on me, and I do hope you also have little adventures to brighten up your days. Don’t leave your life as it is; always look for things to cheer yourself up and keep yourself in good physical and psychological state. There’s never too much you can do. Stay gold!


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