Cafe Hopping

Ever since I stepped into the Backstage Cafe a few weeks ago, I’ve been craving for Eggs Benedict since then. It was addictive, and the hollandaise sauce simply made the dish look enticing. The excitement from cafe hopping has been ignited in me ever since the end of last year and I’m absolutely psyched to visit more cafes in my free time.

Thus I was definitely exhilarated when my colleagues at work arranged for a gathering yesterday night at Regroup x Scoop Therapy, a quaint cafe along Kim Keat Road which housed multiple flavored of delicious ice cream and good food. It’s a part of Group Therapy, which has two outlets locally. I’ve always wanted to try the cafes lining the more remote streets and was elated to be able to try one with a lovely group of people.


The first impression the place gave me was quiet and homely. I’ve not been to enough cafes to be familiar with the old-school, cosy vibes that they often give despite having read tons about it. Hence I was impressed with the empty, inviting feel of the cafe. It’s not easily accessible through MRT and a bus has to be taken, but I feel that it was worth it. Upon entering the cafe, I was immediately drawn in by the number of cushions lining the place, making the atmosphere very warm and cosy. The white walls and brown tables also contributed to the homely feel of the place.





Of course, the people you visit such delightful places with is important. Being with awesome friends was a delight. The laughter and happiness floating around us made me extremely comfortable. I was able to hug the cushions as well, making feel truly at home. Now this is what I call a good cafe.

The food is important, so I went for something I loved – eggs benny! I didn’t get a drink this time because I didn’t want to spend too much money and I was planning to spend on dessert, which I shared with my friend.

I’m no food or cafe critic, so here I am attempting to describe my enjoyable experience at Regroup x Scoop Therapy. The eggs benedict was filling despite looking small. In my opinion, it was even better than the one I ate at the Backstage Cafe because this was filling and satisfying to both the tastebuds and the tummy. I’m an avid fan of runny eggs and thus I enjoyed the poached eggs cooked to perfection. I still keep asking myself why I haven’t tried this amazing addictive dish earlier! I opted for bacon instead of smoked salmon since I don’t eat anything raw and it was heavenly.


Different angles of the pretty food because I simply cannot resist. Everything is so insta-worthy but I can’t post everything so onto my blog it all goes!

There was a delectable selection of ice cream flavours which made choosing difficult, but since it was my first time there I decided to try out my favourite flavour – strawberry cheesecake. It was a splendid choice although I would have preferred more cheesecake in the ice cream because seriously, that is my favourite part of this interesting flavour. Such a pity I missed Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day this year because their strawberry cheesecake flavour is my favourite to date!

My friend and I were too full after our meals, so we went for a lighter dessert (not to be missed at this cafe!) rather than our anticipated brownie with ice cream. We chose the Old-Fashioned Apple Pie with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. This was really good because the apple pie was very soft and crumbly, yet the crust was firm enough to be crunchy but yet easily bitable. The crunchiness of the pie was not compromised. Together with ice cream (I admit, it was my favourite part of the dish because I’m not an apple fan), it was truly an invigorating experience that left us happy and relaxed after a long day at work.



Since we had this rare opportunity to gather together, we spammed lots of photos. In my opinion we made too much noise for a quiet cafe in the lonelier lanes of the fringes of town, but I don’t regret it because it was a good time of bonding and strengthening our camaraderie and friendship. I’m really glad to make more friends whom I feel at ease with and whom I can talk to and look forward to work with. At this point in time, I’m seriously going to work only for the people. The nature of my work is nothing to rejoice for and in fact is pushing me to want to quit. I’m not giving up.

I took some pictures of some of the foods my friends ate. Although some of the food doesn’t look as appetizing as mine, it was all beautifully and aesthetically presented, so I have to give it to them. Some of the food was just so-so only, but I still feel that it is worth going back again.


Photo-heavy post because pictures speak for themselves. What more can I say? 


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