A big heart

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!
Whether or not you have a date today, celebrate this day because it’s all about celebrating love. Love in all forms. An overflowing love for your loved one, for your family, or a sense of gratitude for someone you respect should be celebrated. You don’t need a date to survive valentine’s day. It’s just another day and you can live it to the fullest.
I’ve no date today, but I celebrate my solitude. I’m not keen on having a date at the moment and embracing my single status is something I’m doing unconsciously every day. To me, it’s alright. I celebrate having my family and friends around me and that’s more than enough. Love is not just limited between a girl and a guy, but it should be spread throughout the earth and embraced between everyone, because everyone needs love. People who grow up with love learn to live contentedly and that’s a fulfilling life to lead. In contrast, constantly chasing after love is extremely tiring and only makes one unhappy. So let love flow on its own and don’t force it to come.

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
Of course, if you have a date, go all out by all means. The point is to spend the day with a smile and appreciate what you already have, not hanker for what you don’t. Why look on the negative side when there are so many positive things you can set your eyes on? Let love, let live.

Hence, I’ll be touching on lighter and happier things today – food and watches. They’re totally unrelated but I paid attention to them recently since I gained interest. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interested in fashion and I’m looking out for styles which suit me. Currently, I’m living the minimalist style and I’m loving this. Even though I’m a very picky dresser and I take forever to find a shirt that I think suits me, I enjoy spending time on the little details that can make my outfit look nicer, and one of the things I found that I couldn’t go without was a watch. I used to hate wearing something on my wrist as it made me feel very hot, thus I went without a watch for more than two years. However, I was attracted to the minimalist design of the Daniel Wellington watches and got myself one as a treat after my IB exams last year – and I’ve never regretted it since.
The DW watch is a pure, simple yet elegant beauty to wear with any outfit. I got myself a dark brown leather watch since I love the colour brown and I’ve been wearing it nearly every day. The egg white dial and the minimal details were visually pleasing to look at ever so often. There are more minimalist watches that I’ve discovered since my love for my DW watch and while I don’t have the means to buy them now, they’re certainly on my wanted list. Watches are beauties to wear when you’re not perspiring. Up till now, I still don’t like anything on my wrist when I’m all hot and sweaty.
The other thing I’ve always wanted to do is cafe hopping. It’s a term here referring to visiting and trying out new cafés. One of the dishes I’m longing to try is the eggs benedict. As a lover of eggs and cheese, this dish is exceptionally appetizing and is definitely a must-try for me.

I’m simply longing to taste this!
Another ‘dish’ I’ve been wanting to try at different cafés is the hot or iced chocolate drink. I’m a big fan of chocolates and instead of coffee or tea, chocolate is almost my daily substitute. It’s sweet (yes, I do have a sweet tooth) and smooth. One of the things I wondered while drinking chocolate was why nobody seemed to do chocolate art. As a lover of latte and cappuccino art which I see beautifying all the Instagram posts on my feed, I also want to try a drink like that and capture it. But since I really don’t like coffee, I haven’t had the opportunity to get one. So why haven’t people already come up with chocolate art and 3D chocolate art everywhere?


All these photos were taken off the Internet with the exception of the first photo on this post, which I snapped just now. Gazing at them at work the past few days definitely did not help to reduce my cravings for both my eyes and my tongue. I really do hope to go cafe hopping soon while I have the time and some money.

On an even happier note, I received my first unconditional offer for a course I really wanted in a UK university this morning – I had just woken up and I’ve been over the moon with joy up till now. I’m looking forward to having a few choices to choose from and pursue my passion. Thank God!


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