As the saying goes, time flies like an arrow.
January has passed so quickly that I can’t even believe I’ve worked for one month and gotten my first pay. It didn’t feel as satisfying or accomplished as I thought I would feel after earning my first salary all by myself, but I guess I am glad there’s something useful I’ve been doing. I’m actually glad I’ve gotten to know so many nice people and am making good use of my time instead of wasting it away and feeling empty like I did during many holidays. Work life doesn’t seem too bad as of now because I’ve no homework and I can actually rest at home without worrying about work. My work is pretty much separated from the rest of my life and I’m perfectly fine with that.
I came to realise that just as I enjoy reading people’s updates on their own lives, people might be interested in mine too. Recently, I’ve been more interested in fashion. It’s not something I’ve invested a lot of time and money on, but over the past few months I’ve been paying a lot more attention to different looks and clothes. I’ve grown to love the minimalist style of dressing and I keep on looking out for new things to experiment on and new looks to try out. Seeing how people wear their clothes is a great help and since I have time now aside from my university applications, I’ve been noting down a lot of tips from bloggers and friends alike. It’s been a wonderful time discovering myself and what suits me, especially in getting more dresses and skirts and looking more distinguished at work than my usual casual, heck-care style. Since I’m a lazy person, I look for outfits that I can put on easily and be very comfortable in, and that includes makeup as well – I rarely put on makeup and I love the fresh, natural look Koreans often have.
January has also been a process of self-discovery. I’m fairly glad to say that it’s been uneventful. Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking a lot and learning a lot about myself and who I really am. I’m more certain of what I like and dislike now, and I’ve become more aware of my emotions and my speech. I might not be anywhere near perfect, but the only thing I can do is to embrace who I am, and that’s what I’m going to do.
There were new things I tried as well. For one, I discovered the ice-cream macaron from Chicken Up, a Korean restaurant I tried one Sunday. It was basically a scoop of ice cream wedged between two large macaron shells and served in an ice-cream bowl.

Interesting as it was, I wouldn’t give it a very good rating. I’m no food critic, but the macaron shell felt too hard for my liking. It was difficult to bite into it, and since pink food colouring was used, it was very easy to show people your tongue in the pink of health. The ice cream was average since it wasn’t a restaurant specializing in ice cream, so overall the dessert wasn’t something amazing enough to remember for a long period of time.
However, what I do remember and crave for is Swensen’s Iced Chocolate Float. It’s a normal restaurant which is everywhere here, but today was the first time I dared myself to try the expensive drink. The texture of the drink was very smooth, and it wasn’t too thick or thin. The chocolate ice cream matched the chocolate taste perfectly as though the drink was made out of chocolate ice cream.

I love iced chocolate drinks and I often make it for myself to drink at home. I’ve tried many chocolate drinks from homemade to starbucks, but none beats this one. Personally, I feel that starbucks’ iced chocolate is too thick. This one, however, was a perfect blend of chocolate and milk. It wasn’t visually as good as that in the menu, but the taste was fabulous and totally made my day.
I don’t have much time left to the submission of my portfolio for university, so I’ve been looking out for a lot of inspiration and doing a lot of drawings. One of the things I would really like to do is to take pictures of more buildings. Although we don’t have medieval streets here (I absolutely love the medieval architectural style commonly found in Europe), we do have pretty whitewashed buildings just like my own block, and I want to find some time in the day to snap photos of it. Street photography is something I haven’t tried but want to try. It can turn out great if I manage to take it well. There’s lots of potential in street photography, which is perfect for my idea of an adventure. I’d really like to explore the Tiong Bahru area and source out new cafés and good foods.

January was a month of discovery in many areas of my life, from the physical to my own character and my own talents and abilities. It’s been an averagely good start to the promising year holding a lot of new experiences for me. I’m excited to see where my life will lead me to. Living daily with positivity has been a great help to me and I hope it will be for you too.
February has started off uneventfully which I do hope it remains this way for the rest of the month. I have one motto in life which I’ve always kept by and this has kept me going for many years. It’s a simple three-word phrase which you’ve probably heard before, but it’s something I live by.

Never give up.

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