Photo Journal 9: Blue

I like to think that when I feel blue, I can always cheer myself up. Being able to be happy at some point in life is a goal I personally make every day so that there’s something to look forward to – whether small or big. I like to base my happiness on myself and the things I can do.
I believe that one should never base their happiness on someone else or something – whether an object or a virtual experience. Those things will fade and they will not be there to cheer us up all the time. The momentary emotion you feel from them will fade. Other people won’t be there all the time for you. Virtual things do not really make one happy – it becomes either an addiction or simply a distraction so one does not feel bad. Sadly, many people subconsciously rely on those things to make them happy and distract themselves from the problems of the world. It’s too dangerous. Likewise, people also tend to take for granted the little things in life which they could appreciate but don’t. They are never satisfied or happy. They spend their time absorbed in things that they think make them happy and don’t give themselves quality time to reflect on what they’re overlooking and what is really the cause of their problems.
Perhaps it’s just because I’m a thinker that makes me aware of myself. Nevertheless, it is true that happiness comes from being content with who you are and what you have. Treasure everything within your reach and don’t hanker for things you don’t have. Your time is spent a lot more wisely this way.
I went to the beach a week ago to do some filming for my university portfolio. It was a lovely afternoon, windy, cloudy and yet sunny. Lately, our sunsets have been late, a rare occurrence in a tropical island where sunrises and sunsets are around the same time all year round. I love being able to watch the sunrise daily due to work and soak myself in the beautiful palette of colours in the late evenings. I think the colours of the world are the softest and prettiest then.
I caught the sunset at the beach one week ago. It was enjoyable filming light filtering through different objects and angles and while I won’t be posting those, here are some beautiful visuals of my favourite moment of the day.
There’s no more blue at sunset. It’s a glorious yellow filled with hope and happiness.












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