Small Christmas World

I attended a Christmas Log Cake polymer clay workshop today. For those who’ve followed me or know me, you guys know that polymer clay sculpting is my hobby.
I took a break from it for a few months due to my IB exams, but since it’s the holidays now, I was excited to be able to return back to polymer clay sculpting. I love miniatures, so naturally, when Aiclay opened up a Christmas special workshop to sculpt a chocolate log cake, I jumped at the chance.
It was an interesting and tedious experience. The cake was really detailed and since it was really small, it took me all my patience (which luckily I have!) to craft it. It was enjoyable though. It was a memorable five hours in which I didn’t have to worry about anything and just focus on doing one of the things I loved.
In between sculpting the log cake, I had spare clay and time, so I sculpted a simple layered cake and some Christmas candy canes and goodies (wafer stick and lollipop). The end result was satisfactory and I borrowed a minion to add to the set-up for some interesting photography, and here are the photos!
I love this set of photos. They could be a digital animation if I knew how to do it! They’re just some simple cuteness and I hope you enjoy them.











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