Photo Journal 6: Underexposure – The Christmas Feel

Since September, I’ve been harbouring the Christmas feel. It started when I went to this absolutely huge and posh house for a party. The interior was intricately designed like a hotel, and songs were playing, including Christmas songs. Moments of solitude within that house that night evokes the Christmas feeling and it’s stayed ever since. Minor small details around me have been evoking the Christmas feeling in me even while studying and amidst exams. Even though I’m due to take the upcoming International Baccalaureate examinations this November and I’m in studying mode now, the feeling is still there, and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Christmas shall remain until Christmas.
It’s not a bad thing since Christmas is the season to be joyful and thankful. I’ve always dreamt of spending Christmas overseas in a winter country and feeling warm and cold all at the same time. Being in a tropical country means that I’ve always had Christmas in the rain or in the warm sunshine. While that may be refreshing for some people, I’ve experienced it every single year and I guess that’s why I want a change in setting, cliché as it sounds.
I visited the Swedish Ikea store today. I’ve always loved interior design, which the people around me know, and seeing new designs at Ikea today completely blew me away and evoked the Christmas feel again. I loved many of their designs and products, and I was happily snapping away using my iPhone and taking note of things. While I was unable to capture every single design which caught my eye, I did snap some pictures, and by playing with underexposure, the photos came out having the Christmas feel. Here are a series of beautiful interiors that I adore and that I hope to somehow be able to incorporate into my future house. I really do hope to study interior design in university since I’m fascinated by it.
One thing about Ikea is that their products are Swedish-designed (which I absolutely adore) and they’re fairly cheap. You don’t need to spend extravagantly to achieve a classy look or get the type of feel you want in your house. You can make your house practical and posh at the same time without much effort or money by just combining the right elements together. As you will see in the following pictures, you don’t need a lot to make your house comfortable and cosy.
Please pardon the tags littering the photos because they’re all displays at Ikea.


These photos were of a bedroom and a sofa-bed, the latest trend in bedroom design to maximize space. While Ikea actively promotes this, I think that most people prefer to stick to having a normal bed and a separate sofa for convenience and also because a bedroom looks beautiful with a bed. That’s what a bedroom is for, isn’t it?

This was a classy bathroom I spotted. It’s not much and the design is simple and practical, but it feels like a hotel. The walls are wooden, minimalistically designed and textured and the lighting completes the classy look while using standard white bathroom elements like the toilet bowl and the shower. Wood is great for achieving peaceful and tranquil feels in any design. Perfect.


This was the living area of a small apartment. The second picture here is one of my favourites – I love the utensil set on the black-sand kitchen counter. It has interesting designs on it which I sadly didn’t capture, but this makes me feel really at home. At the same time, it’s sparking bursts of wanderlust in me because I feel like I’m in a hotel on a holiday without a care in the world except to enjoy. What are exams?



This was a gorgeous blue bedroom I chanced upon. Small but cosy. I loved the teal colours dotting the designs and yes I loved the teal guitar in the room. It was only a design but I loved the feel of it. It felt like a cool Christmas holiday, and it made me want to stay there and relax.



A few other absolutely lovely corners I spotted. It’s probably because of the lighting that makes it feel so homely and warm. Even though you get a cool sense from the photos, you don’t find it overbearing. It’s subtle and it’s beautiful.


To sum it up in one word: tranquil.

I love serene landscapes. It’s the kind of place I always want to be at – peaceful, undisturbed. I can find my solitude and my freedom in such breathtaking spaces. There’s no end to how amazing this world can be.

These photos were edited using The Minimalist Collection in VSCO Cam. I played with underexposure this time, with the aim of producing photos with a Christmas feel. I absolutely love this style of photos. It contrasts with my white minimalist style on my Instagram, but I adore this as well. It’s something I want to practise on and produce. I may slowly develop my minimalist style using this. Ultimately, it’s all about the story you want to share through a photo.


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