Photo Journal 5: Playing With Miniatures

What’s a good way of displaying miniature items? One, by placing them side by side or on the actual item to show the similarity and the difference in size. Two, to place them on your finger or with a coin to accentuate the smallness of the size. Three, to simply place them against a background – be it plain white, colourful, or anything, it’s possible.
I wanted to try out a different way of displaying the miniatures I have. I was running out of ideas because the three ways I’ve listed above is typically what everyone does. I was wondering what was a creative way to show the miniatures, and then a light bulb lighted up one day.
A few months ago, I posted about the Legographer. Somehow, I suddenly had the idea of using a Lego man to display miniatures. Why not? They’re known to be as small as miniatures, and I’m sure that using a tiny Lego man not only allows the smallness of the miniature item to be shown in perspective, but it also allows a wide variety of ways to be displayed – whether through a story you can always come up with using Lego, or a fantastic display you can build.

This time, I chose a simple story. It’s not much, just me playing with minimalism, hence the plain white background. I wanted the objects to be the subject of the photo and I wasn’t planning on making it extremely creative, but simply trying out my idea in the midst of my exams. I couldn’t wait very long, and so here are the set of pictures I’ve taken with an attempt to come up with a simple ‘story’ – it’s not a story really, but I hope you enjoy it.














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