One more moment

Do I have the choice of feeling it for just one more moment?
Sometimes, you fail to realise that you don’t have a choice. You are brought into your situation without an option at all. You have no way out on your own because it’s beyond your reach; it’s not your business but you are trapped within the fraying ends of something broken.
I wish I was given just one more chance. Just one more moment for me to feel what I yearn for now, and what I took for granted as an ignorant and innocent little child. Just one more moment for me to pretend that everything’s how it should be and that I can be happy. Just one more moment for me to understand how things should feel and how people feel in this world. Just one more moment for me to see the world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower, to hold infinity in the palms of my hand and eternity in an hour. In a moment.
You’re allowed to dream. I hope I’m allowed to dream and to feel the way I naturally would in my position. Perhaps I don’t want to see things the way you do. Perhaps I have my own thinking and I don’t have to conform to yours. You forget that we are in different positions and that I don’t have a choice.
Could I just feel it once more, once more in the position that I was given without a choice.


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