Photo Journal 4: Solitude

Recently I’ve been yearning for solitude. In the middle of a hectic term scrambling to save my grades for the final examinations, there is hardly time for reflection and composure which ironically is necessary for excelling. I’ve been swept up by the current of frenzy revision and practice that I’ve not had time to think about issues which I deem important, and this is when I heightened the importance of journaling. I’ve been more regular at writing, and I’ve been looking out for more scenes to photograph to sink myself into the false sense of freedom I am desperate for in such times.
The little moments of the quotidian are the ones where solace and comfort can be found. It is during such little times that you realise that perhaps life isn’t as bad as it seems; that perhaps you do have a future or something to look forward to, something to appreciate, something to love and something to keep. If you’re hurting, you feel the pain which demands that you pay attention to it so that you can recover from it instead of letting it hurt you more than what has originally hurt you. It is the little things in life which sometimes bring the most warmth, and I couldn’t agree more. It is always the little gestures which brighten up my day.
I’ve embraced minimalistic photography more than ever. I love how bright and clean they can look, or how styled and rustic they can feel. Either way, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in photographs which bring a stillness and calmness I find it hard to bask in in reality. My love for photography of the mundane has taken on a new level in such busy times, and personally I’m thankful for the little moments in which I can enjoy by myself in my own little world of freedom. There’s no harm in having dreams and fantasies if they make you feel better and bring a little joy when you feel stressed and desperate.
If the mundane can make you happy, how much more could something magnificent excite you? I’m looking forward to the long holidays after my final examinations from JC because I hope to travel, even if nearby, and I hope to be able to embark on many exciting little adventures. Whether they’re new experiences or reliving the same love again, I hope to be able to embrace the wider beauty of the world and find more interests and favourites. I hope to be able to improve my life bit by bit so that I can reach my goals. I also hope to be able to spread more love around and make the world a happier place. There’s only so much one can do with her life, but it is what she does that is able to spread and be a soul in the cold society we live in.
Freedom is what will let the soul wander and drift from land to land with a beating heart and a golden sun.


















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