Photo Journal 3: Desaturation

The effect of desaturation gives me the feeling of nostalgia. It makes the world look like it’s missing something, like an element has been whipped from the air by the busy wind and left behind a raw but yet more beautiful image of the saturated landscape.
This was somewhat my feeling when I was at a chalet yesterday. There was barbecue and good food, but what fascinated me were the new surroundings: the buildings, the beach and the natural environment. It isn’t often that I get to go to a suburb in my own country and relax without a care in the world, and I must say that it was somewhat refreshing with new experiences.
It’s not about seeing things in a full colour because desaturation actually makes a photo more breathtaking. It brings out the feelings and sometimes even the subject matter. It’s not about feeling depressed and wanting to make the world look black. Desaturation isn’t the same as black and white. There are colour tones still present and these subtle undertones will be the one that provides the vibrant image of the landscape.
There’s something so subtle about beauty. Desaturation increases the nostalgia in the look of the photos. You can’t really tell if it has been applied if it’s been minimally used. It’s the same with liking a photo and seeing a story told through it: you see one and you like it. You can tell something from it, but you can never be definite about the exact meaning the photographer may mean to convey. You can never fully describe what you love about a photo, because each time you look at it, a new perspective sets in and your opinion may change. It’s the dynamic beauty of subtlety that I love. It’s the undertones and the feelings concealed in a photograph that I enjoy.













Last but not least, one of my favourite foods at the BBQ last night. I’m not a fan of barbecued food. I don’t like a lot of the food that’s usually present at these events – satay, otah, chicken, marshmallow and so on. But I do love sausages (even better if they’re cheese sausages) and the presence of melted cheese and cold mayonnaise last night completed my favourites for the night.



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