Something in the heart

The 25th of April was my birthday. And it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a few years. Filled with memories, the most important people in my life, warmth, and God’s grace.
My dad, my two sisters, Prisapeanichy (my besties), a charleston dance session to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, a great dance session, small but heartwarming gestures from some of my friends in school, a good counselling session, and basically a memorable and fulfilling day. A day which I was able to appreciate after an intense, insanely busy and packed tiring week.
My dad was nice enough to buy me a minion chocolate ice-cream cake and together with it, a minion plush toy/cushion which I’m hugging right now at this moment. At 18, you’d think that because I just turned legal, I’d be more mature and celebrate it the “normal” adult way. But nope, I don’t believe in alcohol and all that kind of stuff. I believe that spending an important day should be, of course, completely sober, and you should do it the way you like and with the people and the things you love. So since I have a mutual affection for minions (think of minions and bananas), I spent it the way I wanted to spend it.
So this was my cake:

Absolutely adorable. And delicious.

Absolutely adorable. And delicious.

It’s so cute, and of course it tastes awesome. It’s ICE CREAM. This cake is from Island Creamery and it’s the first time I’m trying their cakes and ice cream. I heard they made sinfully pleasurable cakes for indulgence, and I never really knew it until i got to taste it for myself yesterday. And man, it’s sweetly affectionate on your tongue.
One of my best friends personally drew for me a picture for my birthday. She spent days on it before she presented it to me last night during dinner. It’s absolutely amazing and she used all her effort, risked her health because she’s not too well and even sacrificed sleep on her first week of school just to do it. Of course there was a banana in it, but I’m only posting this part of the picture because I’m keeping the whole beautiful picture for my privacy, and this is my favourite part of her drawing anyway. Three beautifully drawn minions.
Cute :3

Cute :3

There’s so much to say and so much to appreciate, that I really want to live my life in an even more fulfilling manner, because there are goals in my life that I want to achieve and that I truly want to experience.

For my upcoming dance concert, I’ll be doing a shadow dance for the opening item. Thus, I went to watch some shadow dances and chanced upon this absolutely amazing act. It’s quite popular. It’s Attraction from 2013’s Britain’s Got Talent… they won, because they owned the entire show that year. Absolutely brilliant.
I loved how they could form shapes of anything through their bodies, and I hope that we’ll be able to achieve something fantastic like this for our concert. I didn’t feel as much for their final performance as compared to two of their most emotional and spectacular performances, but it was good all the same. The best ones to me were, however, their audition dance and their semi-final dance.

It was beautiful, it was fantastic. These two were so touching and moving that my heart started feeling so much, and I wanted so much to continue writing my stories. The dance was so fluid, so stable, so enchanting. It was an attraction.
And an attraction I’d like to be.


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