My first macaron charm

Posting only now because I finally finished my presentation exam ^0^

I’m actually posting about miniature food and polymer clay. A while back I began to take interest in polymer clay sculpting and in miniature foods. I really liked how realistic they looked and how detailed all the foods were… And you could practically make everything out of polymer clay in a 1:12 scale.
I was really intrigued, so I signed up for a workshop to make miniature macarons using polymer clay – and boy, it was fantastic. I was totally amazed at all the realistic food AiClay was able to make, and seeing it up close for myself made me marvel at the detail and intricacy and realism of all the food. I was excited to make my own little food, and so I started with a small pink macaron charm hung on a necklace.

This was the best I could take. We started with sculpting the two shells and then the filling while the shells were being baked. I learnt a lot (and a lot faster too) through the workshop – and I want to do it again.
There was a girl at the workshop who sculpted a cute bunny to put on top of her macaron, and I thought that was really cute and creative. She seemed to be really good at it because she did it so quickly and so well, and I want to try things like that too. :3

My interest in miniature food has been increasing, with my interest for specially polymer clay being my main focus for making all the possible miniatures. Anything can be made, and I really want to learn and make all kinds of things.

I just wanted to share my first miniature food piece with everyone ^__^ Especially because it’s macarons (I have an obsession with macarons!!!), and I can make my favourite food and keep it. I also want to eat them but they’re expensive ㅠ_ㅠ
Food indulgence is heavenly. Food is awesome. And I think I won’t mind living by that.


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