From a tiny perspective

I recently chanced upon this article on Bored Panda about a tiny Legographer (a tiny Lego person) travelling around the world in 365 days. It’s basically a project by a British long-exposure photographer called Andrew Whyte, who used a Lego photographer in all his photos which he took with his iPhone 4S for portability and convenience sake. It would be easy to snap a picture anywhere and every day with just an iPhone and no huge expensive camera equipment. The photos turn out to be from the perspective of the tiny Legographer, with nearly all the photos showing the little guy taking picture of a landscape or something. Such a brilliant idea.
The pictures turned out pretty decently for an iPhone 4S. It was an interesting little project and I was fascinated with how the perspective and feelings derived from the photographs changed so drastically with just taking picture from behind the adventurous Legographer. It really changes perspectives, and if I must say, makes the world look like an intriguing, mega-huge world. It is.
You have to pay for each photo on Whyte’s website, but here are some of the photos I liked the best out of all the photos. I managed to save about 61 photos and I really love how it came out. It was nothing too difficult to do – the usage of merely two apps – 645Pro to take pictures and battle low-light conditions, and Snapseed to edit the photos. It was as easy and simple as that.






Totally adorable. Merry little Christmas.

Totally adorable. Merry little Christmas.




Especially love this.

Especially love this.










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