Warm chocolate

A little chocolate, a little message.
A little smile, a little sprinkle.

Imagine a delicacy, perhaps a hot brownie with that thick, delicious chocolate filling oozing out of its centre. The warmth enters your mouth, and your senses tingle with richness, and you can only enjoy its goodness.
You keep craving for more. That temptation of savouring the irresistible chocolate over and over again never stops, and that craving hangs on the tip of your tongue for most of the time. That unforgettable taste during the time you licked every drop of creamy chocolate filling off the plate bugs you like no other. Keep wanting more. Keep hoping for more. That fire of hopefulness for it never extinguishes because it’s just too good to be true. And maybe now you want even more – barbecued marshmallows dipped in thick warm chocolate sauce which wraps seductively around your tongue the moment you engulf it; cream cakes with cold dark chocolate sauce drizzled daintily over itself and the stainless white plate; smooth, creamy, lightly sweetened, silky dark chocolate sauce, mousse-like in its richness and yet cold and firm in its texture and its taste intricately defined. There’s nothing better than those moments soaking yourself in blissfulness and getting lost in your own little world of warmth and delight.
And that is love.
That is a sweet, blissful love which people can share.

Chocolate Filling

Happy Valentines’ Day to all those who savour warm sweet chocolate filling.
And to all those like me who get to enjoy a cool breeze as we walk alone across a field of sunflowers, let’s be happy and dance along with the wind.


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