Don’t you have those moments when you really feel like ripping your heart apart
not because of sorrow but because of frustration
the point when you don’t know what to do and you don’t even know how to let things out
everything just feels exasperating

Don’t you have those moments when reality hits you even though you’ve already been living in and facing reality
realising that perhaps you’ve been living in your own little bubble, your own little mental fantasy
and maybe that was how you coped and lived through all your hardships and troubles
that was how you kept sane
that was how you managed to keep your cool and live

Don’t you have those moments when you wished life was kinder to you
that you could live a SIMPLE life and not worry about all the complicated things present in practically everything
that you could live your dreams and get what you want, just once (I mean those huge things which really matter and are unbelievably hard to get and hard to maintain)
a life where you could go forth without so many obstacles in the way
with all the love and support that you need
with every happy around you as well

Don’t you love those moments when you really flew high
when you succeeded at something and the smiles and the tears which wiped your face were so thankful and true
those moments you want to relish in
you want to feel that exhilaration again

Don’t you treasure those moments you can never have again
those happy moments when your eyes could crinkle prettily without having to worry about the dark side of things
those complete times when there wasn’t a missing piece
everything was complete and in its proper place
you wouldn’t feel out of place like now

Don’t you have those moments you feel guilt and you really regret something
whether big or small
where if you could turn the time back and if you could look into the future, perhaps you would have been more appreciative of it at that moment
or if you could have done things differently
now, knowing that things will never be the same again
wistfulness sets in

Don’t you have those moments when you really long for someone
just a companion maybe
or perhaps something more, or something closer like family and best friends
just someone that you really wanted
someone who somehow means to you

Most importantly, don’t you want to have something to hold on to
someone to hold on to
a direction in your life, a clear purpose, a true meaning
instead of wandering around finding where you should stand and where you should be
you know, you are prepared
you can hold on to something concrete
that something or someone who makes you happy without worries
just like a dream, just like fantasy
just like hopes and wishes
perhaps, just perhaps
a bed of roses
milk and honey.


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