Best friends

Today was really such a beautiful, satisfying and fulfilling day.
My school self-declared a school holiday so I didn’t have school today (all Wednesdays should be like this, seriously). I had some work and I was supposed to do them but instead I spent the time with my closest and most beloved friends.
It was a normal day, going out, eating way too much, looking at things, talking, buying a few stuffs here and there and relaxing at my house, but it sure was a great time. I haven’t seen them since last year (I can actually say last year :O) and I’ve missed them so~ today I managed to meet all of them and spend some good quality time together.
It’s during these moments that I appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life, when I don’t bother about my academics for a while and enjoy myself with the people I love the most. These people are the most precious and I really treasure them a lot. Even though not all of them were present, but somehow or other I could feel their presence and our friendship, and I think that’s what’s most beautiful about friendships. That you don’t need to be closely distanced to forge a strong, beautiful, supportive and stable friendship. It’s when you aren’t close to each other at all but your friendship still stays strong as ever when you really have an extremely connected friendship. And that’s what I love about my best friends. We can’t meet often because we’re all over the place, but we’re still best friends and I hope we will always be. I couldn’t ask for more to be happy, and I think I can find some happiness with these friends I love the most. That’s one of the things I set out to do this year after realising a lot of things at the end of last year.
If I could turn back time, I would have gone through last year differently. I do wish I had realised the perfect significance of my friendships sooner because I feel that I did neglect it a little at some point last year. However I’ve found it back stronger than ever and they’re part of my world now. I would have suppressed this longing of mine which I still harbour and done things a whole lot differently. Last year might have been a better year and might have been happier too. With the support from my best friends, I can bear the loneliness I feel in school.
Life’s not all smooth sailing so I have a long way to go. It’s only the beginning and I’ll keep going, because I want to walk very, very far with my besties; because I want to love them simply because they are precious and unique; because they are my best friends.


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