A hotel with horses

Recently I went for my church camp in KL, Malaysia, and although I basically stayed at the hotel every day except for the second last day where I had the chance to get out to see the city’s Sunway mall and get some little gifts for my besties, the hotel was newly-renovated and there were some interesting sights.
I’m a person who loves horses, and I did think about attempting horse-riding this holidays. Well I didn’t, and the holidays are sadly ending in a few days’ time, but this hotel that we stayed in had a lot of horses everywhere. There were horse statues, carvings, paintings and designs throughout the hotel – even the table leg in our hotel room was shaped as a horse leg! It gave me the freedom to admire horses up close even though they weren’t real. The horses were made so life-like and all its features had been included in the statues or paintings, so it definitely was worth admiring and worth taking a good look.
There’s nothing much to elaborate about this trip of mine, and all I can say is that it was a good, refreshing trip. I enjoyed being with family and one other small kid who was my sister’s friend, so that brought a lot of laughter. And there was so much food at every meal which was only 4 hours away from each other, so maybe I ate a little too much… anyhow, I’ll post some of the pictures that I took around the hotel here.

Candy Shop 3


Figurine 13

Figurine 12

Figurine 11

Figurine 10

This is magnificent. Look at the shiny metal...

This is magnificent. Look at the shiny metal…

Figurine 8

Lobby 3

Lobby 2

Lounge 1

Our hotel ^^

Our hotel ^^

Figurine 15

Painting 6

Doughnuts my family bought at the mall for my sister's friend whose birthday was on the last day ^^

Doughnuts my family bought at the mall for my sister’s friend whose birthday was on the last day ^^

Sunway Mall

Painting 5

Outdoors 3

Figurine 14

Structure 2

Structure 1

Painting 4

Outdoors 2

Outdoors 1


Lounge 3

Lounge 2

Painting 3

Golden Horse 6

Figurine 7

Figurine 6

Figurine 5

Golden Horse 8

Golden Horse 7

Golden Horse 5

I really like this picture xD It's like the horse's glaring at you with dagger eyes :3

I really like this picture xD It’s like the horse’s glaring at you with dagger eyes :3

Golden Horse 3

Golden Horse 2

Golden Horse 1


Figurine 4

Painting 1

Figurine 3

Figurine 2

Figurine 1

Christmas Cookies

Candy Shop 2

Candy Shop 1

*Oh and just something I want to let out hahaha. My sister’s a K-Pop fan and she likes this not-so-popular girl group who came to our country yesterday… She went to the airport to receive them and guess what lucky draw did she win? Not only were there hardly any fans around to receive them, she got to walk right beside them, gain all their attention and fanservice, got so many pictures of her favourite member looking right in her camera and walking towards her camera and posing for her camera… not only that, she got to TAKE A FEW PICTURES WITH HER FAVOURITE MEMBER. Without any fans around or hoarding the group or watching them. I’m just like, wow. Not bad at all, not bad. That can never happen to me and the people I like lol </3*


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