Christmas Love

It’s Christmas Day!
The day when the world celebrates the birth of Christ ^_^
This year I decided to spread the joy and the love to my friends by giving them a surprise by popping up at their houses as Santa Claus when they least expected it and giving them presents that I really liked so I picked them out (: And it was a total success!!! Besides making them happy I made them surprised too and that was enough for me, to see the expressions on their faces and see how happy they were~ Also I got to see all of them which made me happy too, and I suppose that’s enough for a good Christmas this year!
Spending Christmas with family, friends and God has never been better. Over the last few years I’ve never really celebrated Christmas and even this year there isn’t an official celebration and neither am I in some cold winter country where I can enjoy a snowy Christmas. Nope. What’s different about this year’s Christmas was that I made myself happy by seeing all the people that mean so much to me, including my relatives and all :’) I think that’s enough to fill me with a sense of satisfaction. And seeing people happy made me happy too. That’s how I really felt the Christmas spirit and season this year.
The year’s drawing to a close real quick. 2013 has been no easy and happy year – it was a year filled with sadness, sorrow, troubles, problems and was packed to its brim. But talking about the next few years with my besties made me realise that the next year will be just, if not more, fulfilling as this year and will be even more stressful and busy as compared to this year. But that’s the only thing that’s making me look forward to the years ahead – a more fulfilled, satisfying year ahead and a year where I can work on being happy. I guess that will be one of my main goals for next year, 2014. To be happy. I’m tired of being saddened by the circumstances around me for a long period of time. I’m tired of being so empty and lost. I’m going to make myself filled with contentment and hence work towards happiness so that I can live well and live happy. I think that’s an achievement I can make in the future. And there’s no harm trying this out.
I’m excited for the good things that will come next year and the good things that I can make next year. There’re lots of plans and goals already filling up the list and I hope to turn them into reality as well. Miracle is another name for effort. I’m going to create happiness and miracles next year by living well and living the way I should be. Perhaps I can even bless others and make others happy too. It’ll be a joyous thing to make everyone around me happy with me being happy as well. Spreading the joy and the love to my loved ones has never been felt in me so strongly before and ever since I interacted more and worked on improving myself I’ve found a lot that I want to do with people.
With God, all things are possible.
Let’s try.


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