Polymer Clay

Had to make a blog post about this because this person is freaking amazing. She’s really, really talented in making these miniature food items, whether out of polymer clay or anything.








And many more found at jujulovesminis.

Recently I found an interest in polymer clay, whether it was making them or their creative creations. You can practically make anything cute and miniature with polymer clay, and it’s an interesting art and craft which piqued my attention and made me want to try it out too. I’m going to try it out next year after my exams, when I’ll have a long holiday.
I was particularly interested in the food items made out of polymer clay. I don’t know if it’s because it like food, or I like small, cute stuff, but I really really enjoyed seeing adorable little food items being made out of polymer clay. Here are some I found online:




I really enjoy it when they look realistic. Wish I have that kind of skill to make something like that too~ I’ve seen a lot of different foods, from sushis to Christmas-themed stuff because Christmas is round the corner, and to all kinds of food you can possibly imagine. Breakfasts, marshmallows, cupcakes, biscuits, bread etc. There’s no limit to what you can create out of polymer clay.
I even went as far as to buy some. Heh, not really for myself though, but I picked out cute ones for my friends as presents. I’m only posting some of what I bought because some are meant to be kept as a secret (;





There’s more too. Can’t really say where I bought these from because my dear friends read this ^^ But they’re nicely made and I still adore admiring them till now. Oh wells. My soft spot for small cute things haven’t changed.
I’m featuring these polymer clay items here because of the recent interest which sparked in me and I feel like sharing them~ my bestie even looked it up and sent me a picture of a polymer clay food item (((‘: I’m going to look for more cute stuff and find more things I like *^^*


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