Snow and cold

It’s raining here and it’s getting dark.
I’m in the holiday mood.
So I thought of the cold, dark winter nights, where there’s snow and the streets are quiet. There’s not much activity, the holiday season is in, and Christmas might be round the corner.
Today it’s exactly one month to Christmas isn’t it?
How do I celebrate the holiday season?









Walk through the snow-covered streets at night.

I remember those cold nights, particularly during my holiday trip to Europe. I remember it was a cold night and the streets of Milan, Italy were covered in snow even though it wasn’t snowing then. But it certainly felt like it was snowing. And I was happy then, travelling together with my family, walking along the streets and enjoying the sights, activity and absorbing and loading the place into my eyes because I would never be there again. It was a big square, and the streets were lined with warm, cost orange lights of stalls which beckoned warmth to me. Back then, which was a few years ago, we went into one of the restaurants which had a basement, and boy, it had been a great relief from the bitter cold outside. It had been a pizza restaurant I think, although it might just have been a store selling western delicacies.
It was almost Christmas, a few days before Christmas, and the holiday festive season was certainly in everywhere. In the middle of the huge square there had been a huge, towering Christmas tree full of lights, and many people were about shopping, walking, and merely enjoying time.
Hearing the sound of snow as you trudge through snow-lined streets brings a sense of comfort. I felt like I wasn’t that alone. I was actually happy then. To be with the people you love and enjoying yourself, that’s the best isn’t it? The best way to spend time? The best way to enjoy the holidays and the festive seasons? The best way to travel and the best way to enjoy snow and experience a different country?

Snow. The light snowflakes fall gently into your skin, giving a light, tingling sensation which disappears as soon as it melts on the surface of your skin. You don’t see a trace remaining, but it’s been there. You don’t feel something heavy, but it’s been there. There are light, floating snowflakes falling gently and leisurely all around you, and whether day or night, the snow surrounds you. Puts you in a pleasant cold situation.
I’m someone who loves snow and winter seasons because I live in a tropical country and there’s no such thing as four seasons here. As much as I love spring, autumn and winter way more than the 365 days of summer here, I don’t experience it most of the time. And I only really get to experience winter because the holiday times are always in the winter or summer seasons. So I’ve experienced some winter, and I really loved it.
I remember the winter in Switzerland and on the Eiffel Tower too, but I’ll probably try to make a post on my holidays and elaborate then. But reminiscing about all these at the airport now just makes me want to fly off right now and unwind myself.
It was like a dream then. It’s still like a dream now.
There’s a time to play, a time to work and a time to relax. Right now, I just want to sprawl in coldness and enjoy.


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