It’s a sunny yellow banana day

It’s a sunny yellow banana day~ ♪♫♬♩
That was a song for Marigold’s Banana Milk advertisement quite some time back (I think it was Marigold’s). It kind of stuck in my head because of the tune and I like how it suits me somehow because I’ve been nicknamed Banana since two and a half years ago (time sure has flown by) and I’m now wishing for sunny yellow banana days ahead! *^^* Although it’s ‘winter’ now that December’s here (it’s a tropical country here;;;), it’s the monsoon season too and it’s the time of the year when it rains the MOST. And because of my EE work I don’t want it to rain when I’m collecting data ㅠ_ㅠ Hence I’m wishing for sunny yellow banana days whenever I’m out collecting data~^^ It’s not too much to ask for right? (;
Bananas…. They’re a source of potassium. Maybe it’s my running power too? I need inspiration, passion and perseverance to run, and I need a lot of strength to push through all my difficulties and be happy too. It’s ironic that while I’m a banana which smiles, I’m not actually happy at all.

I want to smile too. I want to smile through the tears, through the rain, and be bright like yellow. I want to be able to provide strength to others, to be able to do something actually, and to be able to live the life I want. Although this last wish of mine is quite impossible, but it’s probably why most of the time I’m living in my dreams and my fantasies. Anything’s better than reality sometimes, right? And as long as I don’t go really insane, and it makes me feel happier or somewhat better… Perhaps it’s alright isn’t it?
Sunny yellow banana days. Just the kind of days I want. With that quiet, subtle connection with someone; with that unspoken happiness and freedom; with that dream that I’ve always wanted. It’s been a long while, and it’ll be even longer up ahead, so I’ll just have to see what I decide to draw in my life. I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure I’m here for a purpose, we all are, and I’ll somehow get something that I want. Probably not all, but some. But first, I need a plan, and I need to get this life in order.

“Happiness is a choice.”
This is something my best friend has ever so often said to me whenever I said I was unhappy or I was just down, lonely or empty. It’s kinda true. You choose what you want to let into your life and you’re free to reject what you don’t want. So why be sad when you can reject it?
Being sad is much easier than being happy, sadly. Be dissatisfied with many things is much easier than being contented with what you have. That’s life. Always longing and pining for something you don’t have when you overlook what you already have. Always having the negative things easier than the positive things. Why is this so? How did life evolve to become like this? Sin? How did we become so easily sad?
It’s difficult to fathom, really; why do you think humans have evolved to be like this?
But happiness is truly ultimately still a choice. Choose to become a smiley banana, or to become a sad banana. There’s a choice for everything in life. You choose either one or the other. You choose to make the crescent banana smile or to turn it over and give it a sad face. It’s your choice. You choose what you let in and what you reject. You choose what you want to believe and what you think is fake. Everything you do, there’re two choices – right and wrong, good and bad, happy and sad. We probably made countless wrong choices. But we can still make the right choices. We can still be good and right for once, no matter how bad or wrong everything’s become.

We can shape our lives however we want it to be. Your life is yours to live and you can do whatever you want with it. Ultimately, the choices and decisions you make, the road you choose – they’re all yours to try. Nobody else can try it. They can be beside you, but they probably won’t be greatly influenced, following you or leading you.

Something true. It may sound sad, but it’s true.
“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”

I guess, I’ll live in my fantasies and dreams to be happy.

So just to bring everything on to a lighter note, and maybe to put a little smile on your face, here’s something cute I found online. Something I want >< But aside that, the introduction of the banana amiegg:




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