Sometimes I’m really glad this unfortunate event happened to me. Although it’s terribly sad, heartbreaking and it’s not supposed to happen, but it has strengthened me in so many ways. It has forced me to mature, opened my eyes to the real world, given me a lot of insights, and made me more independent. Now that this sad thing has happened, I’m able to do all those independent things I had been worried that I wouldn’t be able to do. I’m able to survive mostly on my own and I think that’s a positive point that has come out of all this sorrow. And this is how I look at it positively.
My dad, sisters and I have grown closer from the incident. Just tonight I had a great night just with my family, eating Korean ramen all together for dinner and just having a good night out without any bickering or tension. It’s one of the best nights ever and it’s one that I’ll always treasure and appreciate. It’s one that I love.
I’m also glad that I have learnt a lot from it all. Although there’s still so much more to learn but just recently I was able to stay at home and take care of all my younger sisters without my dad around. It was just the three of us living my ourselves, and whilst I did feel lost at times, I felt it was enlightening. It was a step towards fulfilling my responsibility as the oldest sibling and it was something I could do to help my dad. I learnt things the hard way. But it’s never too late to learn.
I guess I could say that I’m quite happy with things now. Even though the situations are actually getting worse but some things remain sweet. I hope they always do. Because this is my life, and this will remain in my life. And I’d like to see that ray of happiness amidst this darkness.


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