Caught In the Act!

Outside my window’s a perfect private place for birds to date or mate. Really. It’s this urban canyon where it’s walls and windows all around. While it’s fairly private and all the birds who are there are actually subjected to the eyes of those staying in the units there…
More often than not I’ve seen birds mating and kissing outside my window. It’s really interesting to watch even though I DON’T watch it on purpose xD My table faces the window and my window faces the ledge on which the birds always stand on. It’s not my fault!!! xD
Today I captured two birds acting a little intimately… And they realised it after I was videoing it a while! They were really embarrassed and their actions were just… LOL. Although this time they weren’t mating or kissing but seeing these birds caught in the act just made me grin. If birds can be embarrassed, what about us humans?

The video was actually over one minute but I’ve cut it to a mere 15 seconds because I was intending to post it on Instagram… Not sure if I’ll really post there but here you go, enjoy the little embarrassed reactions of intimate birds~


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