Breaking Dawn

Happened to wake up at 4+am this morning because I was jolted from sleep… and I guess because I couldn’t sleep again from feeling strange both physically and emotionally I gave some time to myself and upon seeing the sunrise I realised that this was one of the days when I actually woke up real early and didn’t need to go to school (because it’s a public holiday)! So I got to witness the entire sunrise and woah, watching the breaking dawn sure is refreshing! I only wished I watched it quietly from the beach instead of from my house which faces the sea, but it was still a good view, and it was rejuvenating for my soul in its own little way. (:
I actually took a 20 minute still video of the sunrise between 6:30am and 7:00am this morning, but it’s really a still video with no sounds except for nature, and the only thing changing gradually was the sky and the position of the sun, so I figured it wouldn’t be too exciting to upload and watch for 20 minutes. Hence I have still cuts from the video which much more clearly shows the difference before and after sunrise. ^^
Sunrise 1Sunrise 2Sunrise 3
These three images were taken by my phone whilst I was filming that 20 minute still video~ At around almost 7am I saw the sun rise from behind the clouds and it was pretty. ^^ I took my DSLR and tried capturing the sun rising into the skies and here are some pictures! I think the breaking of dawn is a really holy moment of the day and spending it well in quietness is something really refreshing… it made me think about me travelling to school everyday around this time… I was always underground in the train around this time, so I guess I never got to appreciate the sunrise this year.
Sun 1
Sun 2
Sun 3
Nature always reveals its beauty in the simplest ways, and now that it’s the ‘holidays’, I really miss travelling… I want to go overseas into the countryside or into the winter countries~^^;;; And I really long to see my besties and two other people in particular (which is quite impossible). I guess there is something emotionally to fix so I’ll keep going, stronger.


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