Reminders and plans

1) When you feel down or unhappy, it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy! Busy and distract yourself with something you like to do and enjoy it.
2) Be good to yourself. You represent what you believe. When you are well, others will be well too.
3) Treat others nicely because that’s supposed to be how we treat other people. Do not expect something in return but treat others well happily with all your heart and soul.
4) Never avoid conflicts. They do nothing but leave the conflict there. Solve it and get it out of your way!
5) Not everyone cares about you. Some people were just meant to come and go; they were meant to help you at that point in your life but they were never meant to stay. Accept the help and let things go their own way.
6) Treasure all that you have now. You may not see it or deem it as a blessing but they all are blessings. One day, when it’s gone and you regret it, it’ll be too late to do anything. Appreciate it and hold onto it now. Don’t wait.
7) Keep positive.
8) Never give up. You may be just one step away from success or a breakthrough. If you give up, you’ll never learn and you’ll never know what the outcome is.
9) This phrase is from one of my favourite bloggers. ‘Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.’
10) Sleep more. This is something I set out to do. Not only does it help your health, but it helps you escape from cruel reality. Kill two birds with one stone.
11) It’s all in the mind. That’s how powerful your mind is. Will it.

I’m beginning to change little parts of my life I discovered I really don’t like. I have many busy plans up ahead on my work, personal improvements and so on, and I hope to persevere and do it all well. I want to accomplish all that I can and I don’t want to worry or be sad. I’m going to try and change things, because my life is what I can change, it’s the only thing within my reach and it’s what I’m living.
I’ll face it. Hopefully, bravely.
I’ll love more happily, and shake away this pain.


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