Find that contentment

And what gave me a new inspiration right before my exams… Buying a concert ticket (on impulse)! To carpe all the diem I managed to buy one ticket to the concert! It was actually all sold out when ticket sales started a month ago, but recently I got interested and I wanted to go but I couldn’t get any tickets because it was completely popular and sold out and people selling it mostly sold it at a higher price… That’s the black market for you. But the official site suddenly released a few tickets and I managed to grab a good ticket~ although I’d have much preferred a close seat I got a free standing ticket instead so… I’ll be really really close to the girls when they perform ^^ Guess I’ll make the best out of it then (:
It gave me new inspiration. My exams have begun and they’ll only end next Friday so it’s really long… but I really look forward to the end! I really want to be able to spend more time fixing myself and doing all the things I love with my besties. Because as Pooh said, ‘with a friend, every day is a little grander. You will see, everything there is to see’. And this is heartening. I want to do things with friends. Also, having time to improve and do what you like is one of the best free feelings in the world ^^ I hope to travel too, but that hasn’t been decided.
There’s a lot about being prepared for something that makes you feel confident. For this examinations I had to (and still have to) battle the screwy negative feelings which creep up on me. I really hate that, but I’ll conquer. I came to realise how that can just shake your confidence and positivity that you’re trying to have. Just how much one single negative thought can change everything else you’ve been keeping. And I don’t want to let that happen.
I’ve been mentally listing what I want to do after exams, but I guess I should start writing them down and really getting them all done~ it’s going to be hard work too, but it’s something I want to do or have to do, so no gripes about it!
I’ve been guarding a particular thing I have in me which I’m afraid might blossom into fear, and it’s a sucky phobia to have so I’m resisting it… I want to be able to do that particular thing I like so that I can be happier ^^ I’ll just wait, and wait for the right time, because I believe that one day, one day I will find it. And I’ll be happy before I find it, so that I’ll be grateful when I have it and I’ll be just happier.
Leggo. Don’t fear and keep going, keep trying.


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