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While reading one of my favourite blogs, I came across a post where the blogger tried out ‘100 Ways To Make Your Day Epic’. Of course the blogger didn’t try out all 100 ways because that’s quite impossible to do in one day, but she picked out a few and fulfilled them which probably did add some spice to her day because what she did was interesting and more extraordinary. So I checked out what these 100 ways were a few days ago, and up till today these are a few which I’ve tried and those which I’m strongly planning to try.

1. Upon waking, immediately blast your favorite song at top volume. Just for one day, don’t worry if you’re bothering anyone. Dance around while you get ready.

2. If you normally make coffee (I drink chocolate) at home to save money, today is your day to splurge.

5. Do something physical before work/class. Be it yoga, running, hooking up, or just jazzercising in your socks with your cat, you’ll feel good no matter what happens next.

6. Text five people you love with a funny Emoji or just a “HI MISS YOU!” The responses will trickle back throughout your morning, putting a smile on your face.

10. Wear something extra. Whatever your normal look is, crank it up. Red lipstick, statement necklace, colored pants, fedora, whatever. Just make it bold. (Something I’m going to do very soon!)

16. Do something rash. Buy a plane ticket, ask out a stranger, doesn’t matter. Just something impulsive. Something that will make you realize how brave you are once you loosen the reins a bit.

17. Rock a look you’ve always wanted to wear, but felt you couldn’t pull off. (Something I’m planning to try)

24. Give someone a genuine compliment. This is kind of the opposite of flirting, but think of someone you interact with often and pay them some thoughtful, specific praise. It’ll feel amazing to see that person’s reaction.

34. Map out your dream travel plans for when you accomplish everything you’ve set out to accomplish.

36. Get super nostalgic. Where’s the diner your friends used to LOVE five years ago but haven’t touched since? Gather the old crew and descend upon your old stomping grounds. (Prisapeanichy we’re going!!!)

39. Eat whatever disgusting guilty pleasure food you love.

57. Take a luxurious nap–let yourself fall asleep on the couch and don’t worry about when you have to wake up. Don’t set an alarm.

96. Eat dessert as many times in the day as you’d like. My preference would be 5. (Perfect time to binge-eat!)

100. Smile, just because.

These aren’t particularly extraordinary and there are more which I’d like to try but because I haven’t actually thought about it we’ll see how it goes 😉
This thing got me thinking. Why do we need to add spice to our everyday lives? What’s it in something different, something interesting or something epic which can make our day and make us feel better and happier? What’s the reason or logic behind it all?
There’s no fixed answer to it because people have different perceptions, but one of the reasons why we want some spice is probably because we need a stimulus. A stimulus can push us to do something that we might be afraid of, dread, dislike doing or really hate doing. This kind of stimulus can act as an inspiration to make us feel more hyped up and ready to face the challenges of the day simply because we feel happier and better. That’s how we can do things and get things accomplished. And we feel content.
Personally, I don’t see the need to go to the extremes to get a stimulus. In the duration of two days I’ve had some minor stimulus (possibly negative) which has propelled me into certain simple and mundane actions which over time did lead me to feeling better. It is extremely subjective as to how one perceives the joy in life – can we appreciate beauty even when it’s small but there? Even when it’s normal, everyday and even boring? Are we able to pick up the beauty in everything around us, and hence able to derive joy on our own? “I want to know if you can see beauty even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence.”
While carrying out some of the epic things it was indeed fun and I would say I did enjoy the experience. However I feel that many of those were unnecessary, that I should have been able to fare just as well without them. I want to fare just as well, if not even better, without the deliberate epic-ness of an action. Let joy come by itself! This would be the moment you can love yourself, appreciate yourself, be contented with yourself and have that self-control over yourself and do what pleases you and is within your own range. When you’re pleased with yourself and can control yourself, you’re right down the right track to something better.
Times are stressful, worrying, painful and confusing now, but don’t lose heart, keep going at your own steady pace, keep doing what keeps you alive and well, keep hoping for something better, keep doing what makes you happy and just live it through, live the moment, because it’ll never come again, because difficult times will pass. I believe mine will too.

Just to end off with some epic tidbit… Recently I’ve been dreaming every night, and every night I keep getting strange, weird, scary, dark or cool dreams. Last night I had the coolest, albeit scary, dream ever, and it could even be made into a movie 😉 I shan’t be a spoiler in case I really use such an idea, but miracles do happen, and cool affectionate things do happen too. ^^ I really loved the dreams and I enjoyed them a lot. Guess this added spice to my down period now.

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