It is

It is the friendship that counts, those moments of joy when you share happiness together, when you share what you’ve learnt, what you’ve gained, what you’ve earned and what you’ve gone through. It is those moments of sorrow when you share the experiences, the failures, the things you’ve lost, the hurt you’ve had and the negativity you harbour. It is the time spent together that’s worth, through the ups and the downs, the happiness and the sorrows, the freedom and the pain, the easy times and the hardship, and the boring moments and the exciting times. It is the memories you’ll share with them, through thick and thin and everything that matters and also doesn’t matter. It is the freedom to turn to them at any time, the people you talk to often, the people you can relate to, and the people who appreciates you just as much. It is the emotional and psychological being, connecting with them and appreciating them for who they are and loving them just as much. It is a two-way thing, your friend loving you just as much as you do to them, and each wanting to maintain the friendship which is so important to all of you. It is the bond that can never break, that can last forever, that is much needed, that is one of the best things to have in life. The bond of best friends.

It is the dreams that count, the aspirations, the wants, the hopes and the goals you have in life. It is the sweet dreams you have at night that lights up the bulb of hope in your life, that adds a little spice to your food, that brightens up your day when you recall the fond fantasising dreams you had. It is the dreams which we willingly work towards, to achieve what we can and what we want in our lives, to taste success and to please not only ourselves but the people around us, to realise our dreams and realise that we are capable of doing anything as long as we want to and have the passion. It is the fire burning in us, the fire of passion burning strong and bright as ever as we see and fulfill our dreams, as we see that reality can be kind, as we see our efforts pay off, as we see that the blood, sweat and tears shed may be for a good cause. It is the interest we have for what we desire, the very thing that keeps us going, the very thing that pushes us to work for what we want and what we can see in the distance. It is that drive. It is the support and encouragement we have from the people around us who never give up on us and never lose their trust and their faith in us no matter how many times we fail, it is that which pushes us to do better, which allows us to work with people to achieve what we want, to attain help and support from them so we don’t feel disheartened and weary along the way. It is them who will lift us up when we’re down and nudge us on when we’re tired. The experience we can take away.

It is the love that counts, the love between two people which has been so specially and magically shaped in a way unique to each. It is the feelings we gain from different aspects of the other party which makes us willing and happy to love, and free to be joyful and excited and have a spiced up life. It is the support both can give to each other for a lifetime, never giving up on each other and never losing trust in the other party no matter what may come. It is the experiences that they share together, the ups and the downs, through thick and thin, when they stand strong and firm together and make it successfully through without wavering. It is the understanding they have of each other, respecting each other’s likes, interests, values, beliefs, body and differences; appreciating and embracing them for who they are, for what they love, for their beliefs and their ways of doing things, for their methods of showing love, and loving every single part of them, even their flaws, and being able to accept and love that as well. It is the psychological factor which matters, the special bond between two people, the joining of two to one, to live life and love together. It is the experience of a lifetime.

It is the experience that counts, not the final outcome. It is the things you learn along the way that matters, that enriches you, boosts you, improves you, accentuates you, betters you and strengthens you. It is the morals you learn that is important, what makes you better, what becomes a part of you, what you incorporate into your life, and what you choose to let into your life. It is the feelings you have along the way which exposes you to the world, which lets you relate to whatever you are doing, which lets you understand, embrace, improve, be a part of it. It is the enlightening of success or the realisation of failure, that can help you to keep track of your progress, that can help you change, that can aid you in doing the best you can, that can allow you the opportunity to change things or continue strong and confident. It is the people involved in the experience, the people who encourage and hearten you, the people who work with you and help you and go through the good and the stressful times with you, the people who understand and accommodate and the people who warm you when you’re happy and hug you when you’re sad.

But most importantly, it is YOU that matters. You’re the one who picks yourself up when you fall, who cheers yourself up when you’re down, who chooses to love and be happy even when things don’t go the way we want it, who makes it through the difficult times and who perseveres through life. It is you who stands up again after you cry, who puts on a strong front despite being weak and sad inside, who appreciates your friends and the ones you love, who improves yourself to be helpful and kind to others, who chooses to encourage yourself and listen to the advice of others, who chooses to let in the good from others and reject the bad. It is you who is generous to others and chooses to forgive to free yourself from hurt. It is you who looks forward, who dreams, who gives yourself hope, who lets yourself try, who perseveres, who has the determination and the strength to carry on, who possesses the character your friends like, who is a pillar of support to your friends, who receives the love of someone, who is the one who has the capability to do something, who succeeds, who fails but tries again and who lives. It is your life you are enriching, your life you are living. It is you, you as a person, your character and personality, your behaviour and attitude which people know and embrace, which people appreciate and love, which people respect and protect. It is who you are, it starts from you and within you, and it is your feelings you feel. Everything in your life ceases to exist without you – there will be no friendship, no love, no experience, no character, no life. It is you who makes you who you are – what you choose to let into and feed your inner self, what you learn, what you choose to believe and reject, what you choose to do, how you choose to move forward, how you pick yourself up, how you forgive, how you cope with setbacks, sadness and stress, what you choose to embrace, who you allow into your life and your daily life. It starts from you. You are just as important, if not more, as your friends, friendship, love, experiences and everything else you deem important.
Do you still feel you don’t matter? That no one bothers about you? You care about yourself and that’s how you live. Your friends love who you are. It is YOU that matters. More than anything else, you yourself matters. So treat yourself kindly, respect and love yourself for who you are, be who you are, and live your life.


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