Have you ever had dreams?
Well, of course you’ve had. Everyone’s had their own dreams.
Dreams of life, love and passion are probably one of the most common goals and dreams everyone’s had. We all want to find our other half, find love, find a good life, find happiness, find blessing and find stability in our lives. We want to always have an inner peace and be satisfied with what we have and what we do. We don’t want to stress, we don’t want to do what we don’t like, and we don’t want to be sad and unhappy. Inevitably everyone looks for freedom in life – the freedom to live, love and be happy. It’s a way of finding ourselves, of finding meaning and purpose in life, and of living life to the fullest. To do what we like and do with someone we love, that’s a perfect dream to have.
But we’ve always felt disheartened along the way right? In our modern, competitive and stressful society, we’re often so caught up with our work and things to do that we feel like we’re forced to do them and we have no choice – we have to work to earn a living, and we have to follow instructions all the time. There’s a routine in our lives that we’re almost always unable to break out of. We tend to feel stressed, unhappy, frustrated, angry and lonely – we often wonder, in the midst of our situations and problems, where is the life we want, the life of love, faith, hope and joy that we long to have. We want to be successful and blissful at the same time, but no matter what we do, we’re always bound to face problems and other stuffs. We feel more negative than positive at times. Do you feel that way?

I felt that way many times too. Although I teach myself to appreciate the little things in life because I can derive joy from the smallest of things, I can’t help but feel lonely and sad. There are situations in my life, even right now, that gives me every right to stress, be sorrowful, and be disheartened. Where’s the joy in my life? Why do I continue pressing on all the time? Who am I persevering for?
Many a time, especially at night, I’m struck with an immense sense of loneliness – I don’t know why, but it began a few years ago when I began to mature. I realised a lot of things and I began thinking much more – not exactly an identity issue as of now, but I felt lonely and wondered why so many unhappy things were coming my way, and why things didn’t go the way I wanted. I didn’t do very well in what I was doing, I couldn’t break out of something I knew was wrong, and I just simply couldn’t find any comfort in even my closest friends. Why was that?
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing this because I’m sad now. In fact, strangely, I’m feeling immensely happy tonight. I’m really happy, joyful, blissful and I feel really blessed. I didn’t have to – my sister scolded me for doing something I wanted to do, and I am supposed to be doing some work. But I began to feel really happy after reading some things online, and after seeing the lives of some people, I suddenly gained this feeling of bliss and being blessed. I feel fortunate.

See this photo? It gave me a strange sense of tranquility, inner peace and blessed feelings. This sunset was taken outside my house a few days ago – I used Pip Camera to insert the wine glass and the outcome was a really relaxing feeling. I felt happy looking at the photo – I felt blessed, I felt like I was on holiday (I’m in a situation the total opposite of a holiday now) and I felt a strange sense of (temporal) happiness. It just calmed me down, and made me feel relaxed and at ease with myself.
The picture’s just a sunset and a wine glass. That’s all there is to it. But I guess what made me happy looking at the photo and reading things just now was that I started thinking about happier things.
I’m thinking positively and I’m really warm tonight. I guess being able to appreciate little things in my life helped me to cope and go on with life. 🙂

That’s something we always have to do. We always should find something to take comfort in, and something to look forward to so that we can live each day. Life can’t be absolutely boring and void of light – there has to be something which always spurs us on. Think about it. No matter how shitty your life seems to be, if you’re still alive and kicking, there’s something pushing you on day after day, no matter whether it’s just a faint hope, or because of someone, or just because of anything else. It might seem to be a retarded reason, but hey, if that keeps you going, it’s absolutely meaningful. It’s saving your life, saving you – at least you get to continue experiencing new things, and perhaps one day you’ll find something you enjoy, and you might solve your problems. Time will bring and lose everything.
Keep your dreams going, and never stop dreaming. Dreams bring joy and hope and is something everyone has to work towards to or to keep them going. Dreams are there to help us, to guide us, and to enable us to live. It’s a psychological thing – how dreams have the power to inspire and please us even if it’s just fantasy and you know it’ll never happen. Because face it – a happy dream of yours is what you want, and no matter how much you admit to yourself it might never happen, you still want it and you’ll still keep on dreaming about it. That’s human, and that’s the way we keep going. It’s part of our lives.
Never give up. Let those dreams be close to your heart, and keep on dreaming.


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