See it through the eyes

The storm beats upon the windows
The eye looks at it, looks at the race against time towards gravity;
Some drops have frozen on the glass
They cling desperately onto the transparency
Releasing the fresh wishes of finding a spot to remain on
Until they are forced away by the powers of nature.

The eye sees the darkness engulfing the rain
The raindrops blend in with the sky.
Besides hitting onto the ground
They bounce painfully off the pavement onto another occupied spot
Fighting for a chance for a place in the world
Among the billions they’re one
They’re one with themselves, so who’s to say they didn’t try being that way?

Even with the shadow of the sky the eye traces every one of them
The eye can capture each form with a camera;
Unleashing the beauty in each of them which exists below the thick covers of sin.
Every one of them displays themselves to the world
But at the very end
All they’re regarded as are temporal drops of nature
And they bring about relief or pain.

There’re no secrets the storm can conceal
There’s nothing which can be hidden from the eye
There’s another part of nature which doesn’t come like the rain but brings about pain
Is that nothing, nothing at all
Nothing is concretely there.


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