Two sides

Match and no match.
Good but no good.
Ideal but not ideal.
The world’s full of opposition. There’s a rebellion against every government, an opposition against every ruling party, another angle to a side.
A coin has two sides. Everything has its pros and cons. There’s nothing perfect to anything in our imperfect world. The world has fallen, and everything becomes stretched to two ends.
Just like now.
Two extreme ends; both with its good and bad points. It’s just a matter of weighing the consequences; see which end tips off balance first, and choose the one with less negative consequence. That’s disregarding all the other factors and being unbiased and taking a neutral stand. Looking at things from a third person’s perspective. Ignoring the heart and the fallen nature of humans.
I know two cases. One is a mother who’s trying her best to ‘show concern’ for her child – she texts her child’s best friend and while doing so she complains about her child to her friend. Her friend can’t take it and doesn’t approve of it – which mother actually talks bad about her child to her friend? Just because her child’s friend was way smarter than her child in terms of academics and sports, her friend became ‘an ideal child’, hardworking and capable, whereas her own just daughter isn’t the best.
Like I said, humans have fallen, the world has fallen. People do weird things nowadays and nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s going to get a perfect child of their dreams. There’s always at least a flaw in everyone, and how people judge people is just childishly by counting the number of flaws and the type of flaw they have.
Looking on the good side is important but not an easy feat. It’s always easier to have self-pity, sadness, sorrow, and be a pessimist – the world’s so sad, and life’s so sad isn’t it? Sure there’re many troubles in life, but what about the high, uplifting and happy times? What about the positive mess one might possess? What about a person’s good points? It’s not whether they override the bad, that’s not the point, it’s whether they have some good in them, some good which can be nurtured, grown, and that’s where we can help people. Help them be better, not worse. Even if they have very few good points, and there are such people in the world, you don’t label them as ‘bad’. Because how can you define what’s truly bad when you yourself are bad in some ways? Who’s a good person now, and who’s a bad person?
The other case I know is a relationship, where the boy and the girl is nowhere concrete, and both are confused in some ways. For several reasons they haven’t gotten together, but were neither ‘just friends’. Both didn’t know where they were going, and they peaked at different points. Both had different negativities, different characters, different likings, but yet they clicked, they fit in a way no one knew how. That’s the way nature works, where people fit in some mysterious way. That’s how friends come about, relationships come about, marriage comes about. If you couldn’t fit with your friend you wouldn’t be friends with him or her because you two just simply wouldn’t agree on anything. It’s a matter of what extent one fits with the other. In any case, this boy and this girl gave themselves time to figure things out, to think through what they really wanted, what they felt themselves, and about the other party too.
There’re many reasons to get together with one, and many to break up too. That’s when you start looking at positives and negatives. Look at the problems, and things don’t seem ideal, but look at the happiness, and things were fun. There’s a way how things work, weaving itself through the good and the bad and finally showing whether it somehow fits or not.
The first thing people consider is the other party. Good or bad? You can’t label a person like that so that’s not the question. You probably see the good in the person, the bad in the person, and that’s when you decide whether you can also accept the flaws of the person, whether the good has impact on you and fits you, and whether the good outweighs the bad. That’s how a choice is made – choosing the option where the good outweighs the bad. That brings more ideal, bearable, positive and happier consequences. But human nature is this: if you know you have to suffer for what you choose but that’s what you really want, you might still go with it. That’s life. That’s taking the riskier path, that’s trying something new, that’s taking the road less travelled. There’re numerous difficulties in that – you have to face the music, you have to bear the responsibilities and accept the consequences, and you have to go with whatever that comes your way, with the good and the bad that comes. If you emerge from the forest victorious, then you’ll be happy, but otherwise, you’ll have to wriggle your own way out of the mess you created. That’s the harsh reality of life – two sides to anything.
Even right now I’m at a fork in the path I’m walking – where do I walk to? Which path should I take? I’ve weighed the consequences, the positives and the negatives of both sides, and ultimately I think I might know which road to choose. But what I want might be something not for that path, something contradicting, and hence a dilemma blooms. I’m at the crossroads now, I’m waiting for another person, and I’m going to have to choose my own path as well. What will I choose, and why would I choose that? What’s best for me? What will make me happy?
There’s a match but certain parts don’t match. There’s goodness but there’s badness in it too. There’s some form of idealism where you know it could be but yet it might not be the best. So where do I choose to go?
It’s the same question to you: where do you go?
Match and no match.
Good but no good.
Ideal but not ideal.
Choose one side. Choose one.
To end an ultimate decision in life, you have to choose how you want to live, where you want to go and think of what you want to achieve. Follow the right heart and reject the bad. If your heart is bad, and doing things with an evil motive, then it’ll be hard but choose the right heart. Don’t make yourself worse. Make yourself better by choosing the right path. It’s a choice everyone has to make – choose the life you want for yourself, and go with it. Don’t look back because you can’t walk back – just find the crossroad where you might choose to change paths if you chose the wrong one. Be strong and hang in there.
Because if the world was bad, the world could be good too.
If things are bad now, things will get better and will eventually be good. If we do something.
Remember that. There’s two sides to everything. Choose one.


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