In such an existential world, where do you find that existence is part of your fate?
We started out as non-existent beings, with nothing to grasp, nothing to exchange except the little life we’ve got. One which nothing would be significant to its existence.
But as we grow we fill up the world of someone, and that’s when you start being existent in a non-existent world, where the bits and pieces of the mess of reality comes together in one little puzzle you’ve created in your life but which will never be able to complete the puzzles of the world.
Where hope, faith and love comes knocking on your door, it disappears from another, it twists fates and lifts another.
There’s nothing you can do to help, not even by being existent in the world, because the world needs a complete heart, a heart that is whole and able to support itself. It’ll never be the same with part of it being whole. You’ll never find a heart with such a gaping black hole that’ll be able to survive on its own for long.
The heart is made up of faith, hope and love. The world’s heart is also made up of faith, hope and love. But it also stores a whole lot of other things that aren’t helping.
As non-existent beings we contribute to its black-red heart.
The heart of burning fire, which sears the skin of the earth, tearing apart what used to be whole and shattering reality into pieces.
Reality won’t even exist in the future. Not in our dictionaries.
What may be reality then? Or would we be living in a fantastical world? Or a world where nothing exists?
With such a scale of non-existence in the influential world, where do you find your place?
There’s only one place every being can fit into. A place with faith, hope and love.
The little world of completeness.
Where a whole heart beats in existence.


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