Like bitter ice-cream
The clouds danced in the sky
The embrace of change
Is sweet like addiction
I’d like to crop
The bitterness of the heavens
The grey areas should fold
Let the sun shine

I didn’t know of any change
It wasn’t until I looked up at the sky
That I saw an addiction
Like the cream of the crop
The sky began to shine
Use the shaving cream
To make the grey clouds fold
And open up the heavens

Clear the sky
Soothe the addiction
Let me dance in the heavens
And follow the change
Of which things would shine
Let the earth fold
Like the bottom part of an ice-cream
The warmth becomes a crop

Any day, I’d dread to see the sky fold
I’d dread to see the sun crop
I’d dread to taste the bitterness of a cream
For one day, I’ll let it shine
Shine brighter than the sky
Following the freedom of the heavens
I’ll make this an addiction
So that there’ll be no more bad change

Oh, let the wind continue to blow the clouds
Blow the black clouds away
Blow the white clouds in.
Let the sky be free
Let me be a bird in it
To fly with the sky,
A sky I’d love to gaze at every day
Let it shine.


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