Something More

This word becomes a kind of hope, when one wants something more, when something becomes more clear to us. It’s a want; it might be a needless want, or a needful want, but it’s still a desire. A desire for something more. I think everyone feels that way at some point in life. That more of something would be good, or could be bad, but the word ‘more’ will have an impact. More of something good, and we become happier. More of something bad, and we dread life all the more. We don’t want to look forward to life anymore. This is the point we can choose which of the two opposite ways we go. It’s not possible to completely stop in life; inevitably we choose a route and walk towards a future. More of the desired is what I might want.
Warmth physically and emotionally. Both ways, there could be warmth in our lives. The warmth of the sun which makes us enjoy a day sometimes, the warmth of someone there with you, the warmth of the heart because of the little things or the big things in life which makes us fuzzier, happier and more hopeful and positive. It’s a good remedy which everyone needs for a boost. It’s something we like, we might want and we might have. People from all walks of life hope for a warmth in them which can make everything better. It’s amazing what the emotional warmth of the heart can do to someone. Something much better, much brighter, much lovelier. Something intangible yet tangible. The warmth we might desire was what I felt.
Leisure time is what everyone wants to have, isn’t it? Time to slack off, rest and do what we want, when we can take a step back from our busy lives to rest, appreciate, reflect and embrace. Time to do something we like, to do something meaningful, to do something which means nothing at all, to enjoy, to catch up on much-needed rest, to spend quality time with. I think I felt that today and it was good. If I worried less about time, I guess it could have been even better but time was a worry and a constraint. That shouldn’t be the case when enjoying leisure time, because it’s time to be free and happy. But yes, the burdens and problems of the world don’t disappear just because we have leisure time. It remains, it lurks in the background and tugs at our heart in the tiniest places. But leisure time still is fun, is wanted, is made use of. It’s also often created whenever we want it. But for me, I’ll have it when it comes, and just like now, I’m enjoying it. I enjoyed it.
That’s what everyone in the world is looking for. True happiness. There are always short moments and periods of bliss which everyone experiences, but ultimately they aren’t anything like the true happiness one could possibly have and always wants. As humans we dream and desire and work towards what we think is our happiness. Happiness comes from within, it’s something not really tangible because you just feel it when it’s there. It’s hard to explain and hard to describe, and only one would know themselves if they were truly happy. It’s not an impossible task even in this modern age; it’s just more difficult, but it’s still available for us to find, for us to embrace, for us to live it. Live our life to the fullest, live it well, live it blissful. I’m not having true happiness but I do feel moments of bliss which I really appreciate, at least I have some hope which keeps me going. Keep that hope in your heart and make your life bright.
Fullness and worth.
Live life to the fullest and do what you love. Make your life worth living and make it worthy for yourself and for the one you love. Make yourself happy and feel accomplished. Even the little things in life can make your day absolutely awesome, so don’t lose that hope and look out for everything. For me, the quality leisure time spent was definitely not wasted. I could have done more work in that period of time, but I guess it was quite full and worth my time, because I feel that it means something to me. Make things count. 🙂


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