Change is everywhere.
Whether we’re talking about the littlest of things or to the biggest issues in the world right now, everything is changing – it’s whether it’s changing rapidly or slowly.
Look around you. From the generation of people born in the 1900s to the new generation of people born in the 2000s, we already see a vast change in attitudes, behaviours, ways of living and much more. A new generation person is generally less tough and much more tech savvy than someone at the same age back then in the 1900s. That’s a change within a century, catapulted by the advancement of technology and the development of societies and the improvement in the standard of livings. That was a slow but predictable change.
The climates are changing. Take a look at South Korea, for example. Their winter in 2012 started extremely early, around November to early December, and it was bitter cold, plunging into temperatures below -10°C all the way until late March this year, where spring is finally arriving for them. It has been an extra long winter for them. And they’re not the only ones. In late March, many parts of Europe are experiencing temperatures as low as 1°C or even snow. Prague and parts of the UK are just examples. That’s a change occurring due to changing climates affected by what we do, which has caused global warming.
Even in our own lives, we’re changing in the smallest things, adapting ourselves to keep up with the changing world. Throughout our lives we’ve definitely changed a lot in our form, behaviour, knowledge and much more. Our fashion sense would’ve changed with the years. Our preferences would’ve changed. Our daily routines would’ve changed in one way or another as we move from place to place (for example, changing schools from secondary school to a junior college). We don’t notice the littlest of things we change but if you reflect on your lifestyle very seriously you’ll realise how much you’ve changed as a person.
Why? Why change? Why can’t the world be static and everything good stay as it was?
I would like to answer that too. Every day, our circumstances change despite our daily routines which can get boring. But we face new things every new day – new people, new situations, new challenges and more. This is what may spice up one’s day – a refreshing difference in that day. And that in itself is a change from the previous day to that day. It brings little new joys or sorrows, but change definitely spices up one’s life, bringing new experiences and feelings.
Sure, there was a drastic change for me too, and in a negative manner. It definitely isn’t what I wanted or what anybody wanted, but it occurred, and we had to accept it and move on with our lives, adapting to the difficult change we never wanted. But what happens in life may not be for us to choose. We keep asking why with this change, why with that change, but instead of just asking that and doing nothing about it, why not do something?
In the modern world, adaptability and flexibility has become important. People have to learn to keep up with the fast changing times and go about different ways to do things because nothing is absolutely predictable. With so much change around us, we may feel insecure, lagging behind, helpless, distressed and angry about it, but don’t just stay there and do nothing about it. Try to improve, try to keep up, try to accept it. It’s never easy but it’s a skill you have to learn to live in these times. I had to learn it. I’m still trying to adapt and settle down and get used to my new surroundings, but already so much has happened. It doesn’t mean I stay static, because if I felt frustrated and just stayed there, I don’t know where I’d be now.
To quote The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, ‘The essential quality of life is living; the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution, and we are a part of it’. Hence change is an unavoidable and ingrained part of our lives. So why complain about it? We can’t do anything about change. We can’t try and stop change because it’s going at a pace too fast for anyone to realise.
Change yourself. That’s what you can change.
Change yourself by learning more. Pick up new skills. Find the right routine to suit your current circumstances best. Get the righ things to help you. Attain more knowledge of the new world and survive. After all, it’s all about surviving in a changing world right? Nobody expects you to keep up with every single change, for example, a new trend. You don’t have to follow it. Live out your life the way you want by finding the best way. And that involves changing. Finding solutions will involve changing certain aspects to solve the problem.
So don’t be disheartened. Everyone will have to go through stages of change and that is unavoidable. In the end, it’s what we can do ourselves to make ourselves live well with the changing society that really matters. Care about yourself too, alright?


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