1. The recent Confession pages which have sprung up online
Right before Valentine’s Day there was a craze where every school here started a Confessions page where they allowed anyone to send in anonymous messages and if it wasn’t discriminating or anything, it would be posted for everyone to see. This anonymity has allowed many people to send in anonymous confessions about people they like, what they think about the schools and stuff and anything else they’ve done which they wanted to share. It isn’t a bad thing to do it as long as it doesn’t affect the schools, so Confession pages have been strictly managed by some admins of schools, from the top schools here to CCAs and companies. But why did this become so popular all of a sudden?
It shows something. This anonymity has allowed people the freedom of saying something they don’t really want particular people to know, but don’t mind letting the whole world know. It shows the attitudes and hearts of people, that inwardly, we’re all vulnerable to shyness, cowardliness and timidity. Isn’t that why we choose to confess anonymously? Sure, definitely at least 25% of the messages in all the Confession pages are trolls and fakes, but the genuine ones tells a lot. People like someone, but they don’t have the courage to say it directly to the person. People are hiding in the shelter of the Internet, taking advantage of this anonymity to express something they feel strongly about, be it good or bad. And this is the new generation.
The new generation is becoming so IT-savvy that we all use the Internet. Be it for research or leisure, almost everyone uses it now. And because we use it a little too often, we’re so comfortable behind the screens that we don’t learn to pluck up the courage to tell someone directly that we like them, and we don’t know how to interact well in real life. It is becoming an apparent problem everywhere, and these Confession pages just bring it out. It’s true, we all increasingly don’t have the courage to face life as it is, isn’t it?
These Confession pages are fun to read, yes, they serve as a platform for expression and fun. It’s not boring to read the confessions of our schools when we have time, and it’s even more amusing when we know who it’s directed to or who wrote it, but we shouldn’t let it affect how we think of the face-to-face confession tactics, or make us feel afraid of facing up to reality. Because, we’re reality, and in the end, love confessions are most sincere when they’re face-to-face, aren’t they?

2. Where the world is really heading to
The world has seen some strange happenings over the recent centuries, with new inventions, happenings we never thought could occur and so much more. The recent crash of a meteor into Russia is just one of the latest happenings.
I like information about outer space, and here the Astronomy Club did start an event for us to view some rare happenings in the sky on Friday night. It wasn’t that meteor, definitely, but that was dangerous due to the injuries people sustained from it.
But these are things we have no control over. We can’t control day and night. If the earth decides to spin faster, what can we do but be alarmed and adapt? If more meteors or asteroids or any space object decides to collide with the earth, what can we do but prepare for it? We can’t stop it. It seems like there is a need to invent something great enough to stop objects from colliding with the earth, but ultimately, will we be in time?
Every year rumours fly around about the end of the world. We’re living in a period where everyone seems to sense that it’s an end of some sort, and there’re always predictions of disasters and when the world will end. It isn’t shocking, because in the recent decade the climates have gone awry, more natural disasters of larger scales are occurring, and strange things have happened. We see worse, if not new, kinds of crimes which earn the disapproval of many, but it’s ‘humanity’… We’ve come to a stage we know things aren’t at its best or totally right, and people live in fear of the future. So, where is the world heading to? Is it destruction? Or is it heaven?
We might have a choice, or we might not. It’s all up to us how we see things, how we choose to live out what we’ve got now, and how we choose to react to things happening around us. There may be peace, there may be chaos, but amidst all this, while we’re on earth this present moment, the world isn’t ending. Yet.
I believe that one day it will, but I don’t know when, and there really isn’t a way to prepare for the end. I personally see only one way out to a better place, and if I think for myself and the people I treasure around me, I’ll choose this path. I’ve chosen it, but I want to stick to it, and that’s the challenge living in these times. But it is possible, I’ll keep it as simple as I can.

3. My life
My life right now is nothing short of a sad, difficult life. Not just busy, but with the recent difficulties which has been ongoing for over a year, I haven’t really felt free and happy all this while.
There’s something I’ve asked myself. What is happiness really?
I think happiness is a choice. It is an attitude. While it is a natural emotional feeling which everyone longs for, but part of it constitutes our attitude. If we choose to live without moping around all day long, our level of happiness increases instantly. Maybe not the ultimate, maybe not what we’re looking for, maybe not something we can feel right now, but it’s something which can at least keep us going every day. I feel this way. It’s been my choice to keep positive and not think too much about all the sad stuff which has happened because while I am thoroughly confused, at a loss of what to do, annoyed, frustrated, sad, helpless, paranoid, feeling injustice at whatever that has happened, but since such situations are not for us humans to control ourselves, I decided not to bother too much. Sure, I’m living with that worry, I’m facing it now and again and it hasn’t been really pleasant, but I just secretly harbour this hope that I’m still blessed, and I’m not in such a bad state, that I can still count my blessings. Which I can. I’m still fortunate despite all that has happened, and even though I’m not at the best state and probably breaking down, but I keep positive, and I look forward to certain days. There are many things I want to do. I have many ambitions, goals and dreams, and I fantasise a lot about what I like, and these little things just keep me going, maybe raise my level of happiness a little, and give me something to look forward to. I have friends, I have a good school, I have people who do care for me, I have had the opportunity to do things special to me, so I am blessed, so despite being in a mess, I keep my smile every day. I can laugh at others’ jokes, do what I like, rest when I need to and go along with the others. It’s not too bad, and I feel happier when I’m with my friends sometimes, so it’s a good relief for a while.
Of course, the root cause of the problem isn’t solved. Humans have fallen prey to sin and we’re all blinded by it. To resolve it physically actually isn’t possible. It’s a battle of the spiritual, mental, emotional and psychological world. The connections between people, the way people think and do, and the trends of this world. They’re complex yet simple, difficult yet easy. To resolve my problem I’m going to need help from all aspects, and it’ll be a long, slow and painful process, and although I currently see no end to it, but if things could become better, I’ll appreciate it a lot. I don’t want to be stricken, to be worried, to be scared, to be saddened, to be bound to, to be torn by it. Let me be free.
Because even on the darkest path there will always be a light.


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